“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house (school) not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…….”

This definitely does NOT describe the atmosphere at Makabongwe.

The countdown was on and the children were bubbling over with anticipation and excitement……

At last the BIG day arrived WEDNESDAY 29th NOVEMBER 2017

Some things we have to constantly remind our children about but they ALL remembered about this visit.

The busses had barely turned the corner and the children ran to the fence to greet the Danville girls with shouts of delight.

What a bevy of beauties they were – hats, sparkles and other Christmas decorations in their hair and all bearing beautifully and lovingly wrapped shoe box gifts – one for each child at Makabongwe.

The morning was “glorious organised chaos”

The Makabongwe children – class by class – performed either a song or a poem and did so with much enthusiasm and gusto.

There was much supportive singing, laughing, cheering and clapping.

Then it was present time. We tried really hard to distribute the gifts in an orderly fashion but that was quite a challenge.

Most important every child received a gift and no one was left out.

Our “very strict and wise” teachers took the children back to class to pack their gifts away safely.

The children were met in the playground by all the Danville girls and much fun pursued.

After all this excitement and action, it was time to fill those little bellies with lunch : a delicious hot dog – definitely a favourite on the Makabongwe menu – a refreshing cold drink and a packet of chips and a chocolate!

This was a morning of the spirit of Christmas in ACTION. I’m still trying to work out who had more fun; the Makabongwe learners, the Danville girls, OR the teachers from both schools!!!

They arrived overflowing with gifts and went home with 2 unexpected gifts – 2 stray cats on the DSW site also found a new home just in time for Christmas.


Each Danville girl had bought and lovingly wrapped a gift for the children – 148 in total
Grade R Yellow Birds performing for the admiring audience.
Smiles and hugs and happy days
Taxi, taxi…….we have a driver and a conductor, now all we need are passengers.
Eating time – after all that action, it’s time for some serious eating…..
Our children were literally overwhelmed with the gifts and what beautiful and generous gifts they were!
The Danville bevy of beauties before boarding the bus to Makabongwe
We 4 queens from Danville Park High, bearing gifts we’ve come afar……
Chilling on the Grade R Yellow Bees veranda
“Hot dogs, chips, chocolate – a Christmas treat
Bonding time – Danville and Makabongwe go together like jelly and ice cream – an excellent combination


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