On FRIDAY 16th and MONDAY 19th February we had a special visitor from a very long away – in fact, another country – TAIWAN.

Her name is Ava Kang. She is a kindergarten teacher and works at Double C which she started.

Story telling is her passion.

Ava visited every class at Makabongwe telling them the same story, singing songs and doing an interactive craft.

Clearly she is very good at her passion as the children sat still and listened intently to the story she told of the lion called NIAN, who was scaring all the people away during Chinese New Year.

The picture attached shows the children lighting fire crackers to scare the lion away. They also made fire crackers as part of their craft activity.

12 different animals represent each year on the Chinese calendar and this keeps rotating. 2018 is the year of the ROOSTER. This year Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 16th February.

See the attached picture of the 12 animals that each represent a year.

The new songs she taught were an instant hit and we have subsequently been singing, with much passion, “open, shut them” – a song about opposites with lots of actions.

It’s already diarised for our end of year concert.

Ava invited various children to come and assist building NIAN, the lion – the children really enjoyed this group activity.


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