Without dwelling on the many challenges and ongoing ones of COVID, it would not be wrong for me to say that last year was a crazy one.

Our school routine and calendar was completely disrupted and when we did re-open we all had to adjust to the new normal way of doing things.

Let me assure you this is NOT easy when working with 170 little people between the ages of 3 and 6 years.

HOWEVER, our children did enjoy some constants, one of them being a delicious food hamper with all sorts of goodies to indulge in from KOS KOS.

Ian Carter has continued to support the children of Makabongwe through thick and thin and we are very grateful for his ongoing support.

I have no doubt that these hampers brought a good dose of Christmas cheer and magic into the homes of the Makabongwe families.



END OF 2020

This is both a daunting and exciting prospect.

Our Grade R’s are very blessed because Stanhope Boot and Shoe Manufacturers in Westmead have donated a new pair of school shoes to every Grade R learner graduating from Makabongwe and going to BIG school.

They have been making these donations for at least 6 years.

I was at school a LONG time ago but I can still remember the excitement of being kitted out for school with all new clothing, shoes and stationery!

Thank you Stanhope for your ongoing generosity and ensuring the Makabongwe children look smart starting with their feet!



We are so proud of our beautiful grounds at Makabongwe and everyone works hard to keep them clean, neat and tidy, colourful and stimulating.

We also re-cycle and use these materials to create and craft.

Today we made these little people out of plastic cooldrink and milk bottle caps and a pallet donated by Permoseal (Pty) Ltd – manufacturers of Alcolin and Bostik adhesives and many other brands.

The caps have all been glued on with BOSTIK CLEAR.

Nhlakanipho, our gardener and maintenance champion, will display it on our front wall next week.


Now repeat that line getting faster and faster each time!

Every day for me is a happy one at Makabongwe, but I’m even happier on Tuesdays when I teach MUSIC and on Fridays when I do Baker Baker with the children.

Last week, Friday 12th March, the children iced a traced Easter egg with bright pink strawberry flavoured icing sugar and then made their own patterns using mini smarties and coloured round sweets.

Every ingredient used is a lesson: language development, counting, shapes. It’s also sensory development and this lesson used 4 out of 5 senses:- smell, taste, touch and see.  

In fact, all 5 had to be used, because the children had to listen to the instructions so they could create their own Easter eggs.

There was much licking of fingers and eager anticipating for “after lunch” when they could devour the creations they had made!


Last year we installed another wooden cabin to be used as our Resource Centre.

This was generously donated by Macsteel Trading.

Sadly it was not used for the intended purposes initially due to COVID BUT we certainly turned a challenging situation into something VERY positive.

The new cabin stored all our jumble and by the time we finished selling we raised over R80 000.00!

Before we re-opened this year on the 27th January, I got to work creating, designing and setting up the Resource Centre for its intended purpose.

Now we have a computer station where the Grade R learners come every Thursday for computer skills training.

The computers have been loaded with age appropriate educational games and the children learn hand/eye co-ordination and become familiar with the keyboard and mouse.

There is also our library / reading corner with 6 bean bags and a large RED one for teacher.

Every Monday the teacher assistants visit the library with 6 learners on a roster basis who then enjoy a story in a different environment.

Our 2 mannequins are dressed in season appropriate clothing which is changed with the seasons.

Their next change will be taking place soon into some AUTUMN attire.

We have a large doll’s house with lots of furniture where the children can create and display the various items and at the same time learn the names of the different rooms of a home and what usually goes where.

The education games corner is bright and colourful with cubes for the children to sit on or soft pillows.

Here there is a variety of activities to choose from : matching, sorting, puzzle construction, threading, memory games to name just a few.

There is also a desk where a child can sit and draw, colour in, stick and paste or create something of their own choice using different mediums – crayons, kokis, roll ups, etc

All the activities are teacher supervised. The room is nice and cool with 2 oscillating fans donated by Solent.

There is even a CD player.

Every Wednesday we are visited by students from UKZN Speech and Language Clinic.

Here are some photos of the students in action at the various stations in our new Resource Centre.


We have 3 ongoing initiatives to raise funds for our school.

  1. Tuckshop 2) Re-cycling and 3) Jumble

Every Friday the Makabongwe tuckshop opens with the most expensive item being R5.00 for a hot dog.

Ms Bongi, our cook, runs and manages the tuckshop.

We raise about R400 per month from our sales.

It’s also teaching the children life skills – what they can and can’t afford, what they need to save for and how to budget.

For example: they can buy 1 hot dog for R5.00 OR they can buy 1 packet chips, 1 biscuit and 2 sweets for R5.00.

If they started with R5 and they only spend R3, they have R2 change to buy more the following Friday.

There is the issue of litter but by the end of the day, the school grounds are clean and clear of chip packets, sucker sticks and any other evidence of tuck!

The children know the cleanliness of our grounds is very important.

We even have a song for picking up litter so it becomes an enjoyable task – something to look forward to!


Thanks to Durban North Rotary who donated 8 x LARGE packets of frozen chips, the children have enjoyed a real afternoon snack treat – cooked chips.

This is when I wish I was still a little person with a bowl in hand and some delicious chips – saying “Please Miss I want some more!” Sound familiar?



It never ceases to amaze me how many different shades of pink, red and even white there are.

Makabongwe turned all 3 colours and multiple shades thereof on Friday 12 February when we celebrated Valentine’s day at school.

It was delightful to see all the children and staff looking so bright and colourful.

Thanks to Premier Foods who donated various sweets which we made into Valentine crackers – the idea being to take these home and share with family.

(I’m not sure how many crackers actually made it home!)

We like to use this day to remind the children just how much they are loved – by their families, their teachers and most of all, by Jesus!


Celebrating Valentines Day on Friday 12th February
Ms Dad and Ms Nomtha from Gr 000 modeling their Valentine Outfits
Uncle Hemilton escorting Ms Dladla to the stage
Some teachers receiving their Valentine gifts – sponsored by Premier Foods
Add a little bit of dancing
What a bevy of pink, white and red beauties.
Ms Nolwazi one of our Admin officers modeled in a lovely white blouse and candy floss pink trousers
More treats from permier – pink and white marshmallows for every child
A Valentine cracker for everyone
Happy Valentines Day



I think it is very safe to say that every child loves a birthday celebration and we had a very special birthday to celebrate serving the community for 25 years!

That is exactly what we did on Friday 2nd October starting from when the children arrived at school……

  1. A team of face painters got to work early and created beautiful art on all the children’s faces.
  2. The décor team was busy designing and converting ordinary tables and chairs into items of beauty and elegance.
  3. The aroma’s from the kitchen proved our cooking team was on track and that our lunch was going to be deeelicious.
  4. Our volunteer chief cake baker, Auntie Melissa, made 6 cakes, 1 for each class and iced in the colour of the class: green, blue, red and 3 x yellow.
  5. The staff were treated to cupcakes and this was displayed to make the number 25
  6. Each class presented 2 items, either a song, or a prayer or a poem and then performed the Jerusalema dance.

Our dance choreographer, volunteer Ms Christie, had done a sterling job with all the classes who were clearly enjoying doing their moves.

  1. The staff performance with everyone wearing their cobalt blue shirts looked stunning.  

If you interviewed each staff member, I have no doubt they would say with confidence and conviction. “It was a morning of fun, laughter, celebration and joy.”

This was a special day in more ways than just a birthday celebration.

The weather was gloomy and predicted to rain quite heavily.

I kept checking the forecast and it didn’t change – RAIN PREDICTED FOR FRIDAY 2nd October from 06h00 onwards!

At 03h00 I was praying and asking God to keep the rain away just until we finished our party.

The entire morning remained dry, we were ALL able to present our items, including the Jerusalema dance, enjoy a delicious lunch and fellowship, tidy up and pack away before the rain came down at 13h30.

That was our Makabongwe Miracle gift for our birthday.

Our founder member Liz Ross joined us with some friends, as well as committee members, family and the press.

Sunday Tribune posted an article on the 4th October and Berea Mail on Friday 9th October.

We were very happy to welcome them and share our celebration.

The pictures tell the best story even without words or sound.

Here’s to the next 25 years, uplifting and educating the children of the inner city of Durban



Today we hosted a special assembly at school – it was a thanksgiving assembly celebrating and thanking God for 25 years serving the community.

Our VIP guests were Bishop Linda Mandindi, Rev Ayanda Nyobole and Hazel from the Methodist Natal Coastal District Office, committee members, including one of our founder members, Mrs Elizabeth Ross – affectionately known to us as Auntie Lizzie, friends and family as well as the UKZN Speech and Language Therapy students.

The staff all read THANKS and PRAISE scriptures, the children said “Thank you Jesus for….”prayers, we sang, we danced, we thanked God for all His love and abundant blessings over our school.

Our Bishop presented a short children’s story and then led the children singing “We’re building up a temple”.

The staff performed “our fast becoming famous” Jerusalema dance with Coach Christie leading us.

A morning filled with thanks, love and appreciation ended with refreshments, fellowship, delicious eats and new found friends.

Enjoy the photos.