Our Curriculum


We follow a government recognised ECD program preparing the children for Grade 1 and ensure they are developed holistically. Our program covers literacy, communication and numeracy skills, as well as life skills/life orientation, physical, social, emotional, fine and gross motor and creative skills. Two additional activities are music and “Baker-Baker” where the children follow a recipe, mix and make their own “non baked” cakes, biscuits and other scrumptious edible delights.

Art plays a big role at Makabongwe. We focus on variety, including collages and working with many different mediums, for example, paint, crayons, kokis, pencils, pastels, wool, tea leaves, buttons, sticks, coloured paper, rice and other innovative “treasure” to enhance the creative aspect of education.

The children are encouraged to tell their own stories once a week and to act out a story once a week. Music is on the program every day and they have structured lessons once a week where they are exposed to singing, movement to music, rhythm and instruments.

Extra-Mural Activites


We do not have enough space to host sporting codes but we do ensure that the children are assisted with hand and eye co-ordination, ball kicking and catching. We also do occupational therapy physical exercises with the children to fine tune certain skills.