Help us give these kids the


they deserve

Our school is a busy, happy one where you will always be greeted with big smiles and ambushed with loads of hugs.

Our vision is to:

  • Provide sustainable and affordable early childhood education

  • To help reduce illiteracy

  • Give our children the best foundation for big school.

We help our children to grow and mature holistically; teaching them in a loving way in accordance with our Christian ethos.

Makabongwe was started by a small group of women from Manning Road Methodist Church who felt that no child should be illiterate. In  September 2015, we celebrated 20 wonderful  years and have watched the pre-school grow from 15 children sitting on pieces of cardboard on the pavements to classrooms with bright posters and artwork covering the walls, a playground full of joy and a staff equipped to give our children the education they deserve.

Makabongwe is based in the heart of the city diagonally opposite Central Fire Station.