Laguna Beach Outing

Wednesday 8th March



I think today was the hottest day we have had this year.  It was a glorious summer day, even though we are officially in autumn, the temperature round 31 degrees.


All was quiet at the LAGUNA POOLS at 08h00 this morning BUT at Makabongwe the excitement was rising as the Grade R learners got ready for their excursion to the beach. It was toilet, wash hands, breakfast and then change into costumes and what a lovely selection of colourful costumes.


The 3 Grade R classes were literally buzzing – Yellow Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

This was a first on the school calendar. Thanks to the extra hands who volunteered their time. We had 5-6 children per 1 leader.


As soon as the bus arrived, there was no holding back. The children all boarded with their leader and the adventure continued.


As soon as the children could see the beach there were shrieks of delight. And then it was just fun, fun, fun, swim, swim, swim and enjoy the beautiful day. One class went onto the beach and enjoyed building sand castles and letting waves crash on their legs and getting their toes stuck in the sand. The other classes enjoyed the pools, some braver than others going up and down the slides fearlessly. Then the next class went down to  the beach until all had been in the sea.


We enjoyed a mid morning snack of cheese curl chips and a marshmallow sweet together with some delicious cold juice.


Then back in the water for more fun, each child braver and more fearless as they gained confidence.


Melissa arrived promptly at 11h30 with our hot dog lunch. Thanks to Kensington SPAR and Bluff Meat Supply for donating the rolls and viennas. I have never seen 200 hot dogs disappear so quickly. We had all built up healthy appetites and enjoyed 2 hot dogs each with more juice.


Then the children dried out in the sun for 5 minutes before boarding the bus to come back to school.


What an adventure – what an exciting day.

Well done to all the educators, volunteers and sponsors without whom these excursions would never happen. I know there will be lots of stories to tell at home tonight and also lots of tired little bunnies ready for bed a lot earlier than usual!!


Watch this space for our next adventure with the Gr 000 and Gr 00 learners………




























Christmas at Durban Girls College



The Grade 00 and Grade R learners of Durban Girls College invited the Grade R learners from Makabongwe to celebrate with them again this year.


Nanin, our bus driver, arrived at school and we all boarded the bus with much excitement and anticipation.


Mrs Conradie – the JP Head – welcomed us – as did the teachers, Les, Ange, Jamie and Simone. We are always made to feel very welcome and special.


Lee and Lulu from Educate and Fascinate entertained the children with a wonderful interactive and colourful story about Billy who dropped his ice cream money in the sea and how all the sea creatures came to his rescue and helped him get back his R5.00.

There are some budding actors and actresses amongst the College and Makabongwe children. I watched as they listened intently and lived the story to it’s conclusion – which of course – was a happy one with Billy getting his money back.

The story had good life skills for our children to learn, remember and put into practice.

We also got to make a really colourful octopus with messages of love, peace, joy, caring, friends, family, giving and sharing. I made 3 and there were really fun to create.


After the story, the children got to play with the College girls in their playground and each child was presented with a gift pack containing lots of treasure.


We headed back to Makabongwe after a morning of caring, sharing, friends, joy, love, peace and giving. We feel like family!

On Friday 25th November, about 10 Makabongwe children went to Durban Girls College to attend their morning assembly and present each learner, teacher and Head a homemade Christmas cracker containing some marshmallow sweets.

A small THANK YOU for all the kindness that Durban Girls college show to Makabongwe throughout the year.

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Animal Farm Yard


WOW what an awesome morning we spent at the Animal Farm at Botha’s Hill

What a pleasure to escape from school and the city and enjoy farm life.

The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold and NO rain.

This was a first for the school and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the children would react.

This was also a first for Ms Nicola, Green Group Gr 000 teacher – who celebrated her birthday with the children and animals!

Clearly everyone had a wonderful morning; they loved the playground, they all thoroughly enjoyed the tractor ride and feeding the animals was a hit.

Some children were very brave and confident, others not so but I think every child got to feed some of the animals even if this meant throwing the food into their pens.

I had some very confident children in my group until we got to the cows. There was one with horns who did not seem too happy having all these little people around and kept head butting the fence with his horns.

Once one child tasted the fresh milk, most of the children put their hands up. I thought it was delicious – not very good for the waistline I’m guessing – it was so creamy.

The snack and juice went down in record time and majority of our little people fell asleep on the bus ride back.

I’ve never heard our children so quiet…… it was heavenly.

Thanks to Mr Price Audit Department staff for covering the cost of the bus hire and tractor ride, Jenny Bamber the owner of the farm who generously waived the entrance fee and Rik and Sarah Kennedy who sponsored a 40kg bag of animal feed.

Without you, our VIP Makabongwe friends, this outing could not have happened. We are very grateful.


Watch this space for the next adventure with the Gr R learners…….









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uShaka Marine World Outing

When I woke up on Tuesday 6th September, I knew it was going to be a good day, not just because it was a lovely, warm Spring day but because the Gr R learners of Makabongwe were going to uShaka Marine World for their excursion.

Our theme for the past 2 weeks has been WATER: what lives in water, saving water, re-cycling water, the importance of water and anything else relevant about water to pass onto the children. This excursion is one of the school calendar highlights and there is an even louder buzzing in the classrooms as the day of the excursion draws closer. It was as I predicted when I arrived at school. This children were overflowing with excitement. Our team of educators and volunteers worked quickly to ensure all the children had breakfast and were changed into their red t-shirts and black shorts. Each team leader looked after a maximum of 8 learners.

The 2 busses arrived on time with the compliments of Clifton School and we were on our way. The bus was filled with singing and lots of chattering. On arrival we went straight off with our respective tour guide leaders. These ladies were very patient, very informative and gave the children lots of interesting facts to think about and learn. The children loved all the colours of the fish. We found Nemo in one tank and a very large and old turtle in another. It looked like he was actually waving at us. The scuba diver cleaning the windows and feeding the fish was a hit. The children were fascinated watching him do his work. There was loud gasps as a very large ragged tooth shark swam past the window right where the children were standing. We learnt the names of many different kinds of sharks and the fact that the ragged tooth shark has 7 layers of teeth! They learners saw sea horses, octopus, hard and soft coral, eels, starfish, sea urchins, crayfish, lobsters, sting rays and many other creatures whose home is the sea.

The male penguins made a lot of noise sounding just like donkeys as they were calling for female mates.  We enjoyed a mid morning snack of sea creature cheddar biscuits. Our excursion ended with the Dolphin Show. What a pleasure to watch Gambit and his girls performing: talking, waving, splashing and entertaining the crowds. We left uShaka on the Clifton busses but the day was not yet over.

On arrival back at school, each learner and educator enjoyed a delicious Nandos lunch box and juice.

Can you think of a better way to spend your school day?

Grateful thanks to our 3 sponsors without whom this excursion would not happen.

Permoseal (Pty) Ltd – manufacturers of ALCOLIN and BOSTIK adhesives – for sponsoring the entrance fee

Clifton School – for providing transport to uShaka and back again to school

Nandos – for supplying the scrumptious lunch

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People’s Park

As the bus drove into the school grounds on Thursday 19th May, the children started chanting Moses Mabhida.

55 learners and 10 educators boarded the bus and headed to People’s Park for a morning of fun, learning and adventure. The children thoroughly enjoyed the different playground apparatus, followed by a mid morning popcorn snack and juice. The teachers then presented an interactive and interesting talk on our 5 senses: what can we see in the park? what can we hear in and around the park? what can we touch in the park? what can we smell in the park? and what can we taste in the park? There were some very innovative answers! By midday the children were asking for lunch as all the playing and learning had worked up healthy appetites. The super fresh hot dogs were devoured with enthusiasm and seconds served all round. Thank you Kensington SPAR for the donation of rolls. All children and educators were returned safely to school by our bus driver, Nanin and we can share our stories of another successful and happy day enjoyed by the children of Makabongwe.

Peoples Park Peoples Park





Peoples Park Peoples Park





Peoples Park Peoples Park






Botanical Gardens

It was another beautiful Durban Autumn day on Monday 16th May when the Gr R learners of Makabongwe took to the streets, heading out to Durban Botanic Gardens.

Excursions are always exciting days at school. Marching in groups of 8 with an educator in charge, the children walked past some street traders stopping to buy their morning snack.

We were warmly welcomed at the Gardens by Thami, Jody and the team of volunteer guides. The children went off in 4 directions each learning about different trees, colours and shapes of leaves, what trees do for us and for nature in general. The children saw different bird’s nests, plants that float on water, as well as plants that have been around since the time of dinosaurs, viz. cycads. Some children made beautiful cards out of leaves and flower petals, others performed on the stage singing songs about the gardens and telling the audience what they had seen. Other children collected samples of different leaves, scratched in the ground for insects and other creatures living under rocks exploring and learning at the same time.

The picnic lunch of chicken mayonnaise sandwiches – a first for the children – was enjoyed by everyone and juice to quench our thirst preparing everyone for the walk back to school.

The neighbourhood resounded with the sound of children marching and singing as they headed back to Makabongwe.

Thank you Botanic Gardens for hosting our learners. We hope to be back in the not too distant future.

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People’s Park Excursions

Excursions are one of the highlights on our school calendar.

On Thursday 3rd March 80 Gr R learners ventured out per bus with 10 educators and volunteers to People’s Park and Moses Mabhida Stadium.

The weather was perfect and we had a fun filled morning together with some entertaining and informative presentations from the teachers on our 5 senses. Thanks to Bluff Meat Supply North Coast Road and Kensington SPAR, everyone enjoyed delicious hot dogs for lunch. The children returned to school exhausted but with enough energy to tell all their stories of their exciting morning at People’s Park.

Watch this space for news on the Pre Gr R excursion next term.


Climbing from pole to another.
Climbing from pole to another.
Spin, spin, spin.
Spin, spin, spin.
Peek-a-boo I see you.
Peek-a-boo I see you.
WOW these ropes are so high.
WOW these ropes are so high.
Ms Jamali teaching about the sense of touch.
Ms Jamali teaching about the sense of touch.