Laguna Beach Outing

Wednesday 8th March



I think today was the hottest day we have had this year.  It was a glorious summer day, even though we are officially in autumn, the temperature round 31 degrees.


All was quiet at the LAGUNA POOLS at 08h00 this morning BUT at Makabongwe the excitement was rising as the Grade R learners got ready for their excursion to the beach. It was toilet, wash hands, breakfast and then change into costumes and what a lovely selection of colourful costumes.


The 3 Grade R classes were literally buzzing – Yellow Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

This was a first on the school calendar. Thanks to the extra hands who volunteered their time. We had 5-6 children per 1 leader.


As soon as the bus arrived, there was no holding back. The children all boarded with their leader and the adventure continued.


As soon as the children could see the beach there were shrieks of delight. And then it was just fun, fun, fun, swim, swim, swim and enjoy the beautiful day. One class went onto the beach and enjoyed building sand castles and letting waves crash on their legs and getting their toes stuck in the sand. The other classes enjoyed the pools, some braver than others going up and down the slides fearlessly. Then the next class went down to  the beach until all had been in the sea.


We enjoyed a mid morning snack of cheese curl chips and a marshmallow sweet together with some delicious cold juice.


Then back in the water for more fun, each child braver and more fearless as they gained confidence.


Melissa arrived promptly at 11h30 with our hot dog lunch. Thanks to Kensington SPAR and Bluff Meat Supply for donating the rolls and viennas. I have never seen 200 hot dogs disappear so quickly. We had all built up healthy appetites and enjoyed 2 hot dogs each with more juice.


Then the children dried out in the sun for 5 minutes before boarding the bus to come back to school.


What an adventure – what an exciting day.

Well done to all the educators, volunteers and sponsors without whom these excursions would never happen. I know there will be lots of stories to tell at home tonight and also lots of tired little bunnies ready for bed a lot earlier than usual!!


Watch this space for our next adventure with the Gr 000 and Gr 00 learners………




























Beyond The Call Of Duty

We really care about the children at Makabongwe making sure they are looked after in terms of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Over and above offering excellent pre-school education and feeding the children 2 meals a day, we try and ensure vital services are made easily accessible to the parents.

One of the additional services we offer is a visit from our local clinic ensuring the children are de-wormed regularly, have their vitamins and all the required pre-school inoculations.


On Wednesday 22nd February, Lancer’s Road Clinic visited our school.


Sister Lungi and Sister Lunga made sure that all the clinic cards for the children were checked.

Those children who needed de-worming were given their tablets and those who needed vitamins drops were given these as well.

The children were very well behaved. Majority of the children had all their inoculations up to date.

This is a service the clinic provides us on request twice a year in February and August.

It helps working parents who might not have the time to get to the Clinic and it also ensures that all the Makabongwe children are up to date in terms of their pre-school medical requirements resulting in healthy and happy children.

We look forward to the next visit in August.


Volunteer Hlengiwe, sister Lungi and sister Lunga hard at work checking clinic cards.
Vitiamin drops “in they go”









Grade 00 Blue group patienty waiting their turn
Down the hatch it goes








Some children were absent on account of the rain. Others did not have their clinic cards. The clinic will return another day to ensure all our children have been treated.

Baker Baker

BAKER BAKER…….with a difference


TODAY – Friday 10th February – we did our first Baker Baker in 2017 with the 3 x Grade R classes, YELLOW BUTTERFLIES, YELLOW BEES and YELLOW BIRDS.


The same excitement and anticipation seems to have flowed over from last year and even the new children join in the chant of Baker Baker when they see the black tray and all the goodies loaded on top.


Recently I discovered how to colour macaroni and got a little carried away so I decided to do something different. Instead of making something to eat we would make something to wear.


Each table was given a bowl of red, blue, green and yellow macaroni plus a bowl of “diamonds” – (plastic shiny beads)

Each child had their own piece of string with their name tag and after some fun learning activities started threading.


It was so rewarding watching the children, boys and girls alike, concentrating and creating.

Some opted for a one colour necklace, others 2 colours and others all 4. The idea was to let the children create and choose their colours but to thread one macaroni, then one diamond.

Some of the teachers even created their own necklaces and were deep in concentration beading macaroni and diamonds.


These fun sessions have much learning and developing. The children are having so much fun they don’t even realise they’re “working”.

Threading is very good for fine motor development as well as hand eye co-ordination, learning new words e.g. macaroni, diamond and of course emphasising the primary colours, red, blue, green and yellow.

The pride on each child’s face makes the dying, cutting, printing and all the work that goes into preparing this lesson for 80 learners worth it and more.


Each child made their own unique Makabongwe Macaroni necklace and wore them with much pride.


Watch this space for more Baker Baer activities…..

Thank you to our sponsors who make this all possible with their donations to purchase all the materials we need.


IMG-20170210-WA0012 IMG-20170210-WA0006






IMG-20170210-WA0010 IMG-20170210-WA0013






IMG-20170210-WA0014 IMG-20170210-WA0015






IMG-20170210-WA0016 IMG-20170210-WA0009

Christmas at Durban Girls College



The Grade 00 and Grade R learners of Durban Girls College invited the Grade R learners from Makabongwe to celebrate with them again this year.


Nanin, our bus driver, arrived at school and we all boarded the bus with much excitement and anticipation.


Mrs Conradie – the JP Head – welcomed us – as did the teachers, Les, Ange, Jamie and Simone. We are always made to feel very welcome and special.


Lee and Lulu from Educate and Fascinate entertained the children with a wonderful interactive and colourful story about Billy who dropped his ice cream money in the sea and how all the sea creatures came to his rescue and helped him get back his R5.00.

There are some budding actors and actresses amongst the College and Makabongwe children. I watched as they listened intently and lived the story to it’s conclusion – which of course – was a happy one with Billy getting his money back.

The story had good life skills for our children to learn, remember and put into practice.

We also got to make a really colourful octopus with messages of love, peace, joy, caring, friends, family, giving and sharing. I made 3 and there were really fun to create.


After the story, the children got to play with the College girls in their playground and each child was presented with a gift pack containing lots of treasure.


We headed back to Makabongwe after a morning of caring, sharing, friends, joy, love, peace and giving. We feel like family!

On Friday 25th November, about 10 Makabongwe children went to Durban Girls College to attend their morning assembly and present each learner, teacher and Head a homemade Christmas cracker containing some marshmallow sweets.

A small THANK YOU for all the kindness that Durban Girls college show to Makabongwe throughout the year.

img-20161124-wa0004 img-20161124-wa0005





img-20161124-wa0006 img-20161124-wa0007









Our resource centre is a well used cabin on our property.

Uncle Brian is a loyal volunteer who comes to the school every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes extra days to catch up.

Tuesday is dedicated to ball skills training with the Gr 000 and Gr 00 children and Thursday is dedicated to Computer training with the Gr R children.

Working on a roster, each child gets to spend about 15 minutes on the computer getting familiar with the keyboard, mouse and engaging in age appropriate educational games.

My office is right next door and I love listening to all his affirming words of encouragement and much celebration when the children get it right.

Receiving a gold star from Uncle Brian is always a goal to strive for.

We are having a special assembly on Tuesday 29th November and Uncle Brian will be presenting every Gr R learner a Merit or Distinction certificate and reading book for having completed the Computer Skills Course.

dsc_0177 dsc_0176







Animal Farm Yard


WOW what an awesome morning we spent at the Animal Farm at Botha’s Hill

What a pleasure to escape from school and the city and enjoy farm life.

The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold and NO rain.

This was a first for the school and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the children would react.

This was also a first for Ms Nicola, Green Group Gr 000 teacher – who celebrated her birthday with the children and animals!

Clearly everyone had a wonderful morning; they loved the playground, they all thoroughly enjoyed the tractor ride and feeding the animals was a hit.

Some children were very brave and confident, others not so but I think every child got to feed some of the animals even if this meant throwing the food into their pens.

I had some very confident children in my group until we got to the cows. There was one with horns who did not seem too happy having all these little people around and kept head butting the fence with his horns.

Once one child tasted the fresh milk, most of the children put their hands up. I thought it was delicious – not very good for the waistline I’m guessing – it was so creamy.

The snack and juice went down in record time and majority of our little people fell asleep on the bus ride back.

I’ve never heard our children so quiet…… it was heavenly.

Thanks to Mr Price Audit Department staff for covering the cost of the bus hire and tractor ride, Jenny Bamber the owner of the farm who generously waived the entrance fee and Rik and Sarah Kennedy who sponsored a 40kg bag of animal feed.

Without you, our VIP Makabongwe friends, this outing could not have happened. We are very grateful.


Watch this space for the next adventure with the Gr R learners…….









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20161020_104450 20161020_1045130





20161020_105838 20161020_123624



They came, they cleaned and they left…………..

On Sunday 13th March at 13h00 about 45 young men from Glenwood Boys High School arrived in a large bus with 3 teachers, Lisa Foster, Mike Vowles and Rudi Dames. The boys in green were from Glenwood Interact Club and members of the 1st XV rugby squad.

This is not the first visit the “green team” has made. It is a quarterly event at the end of each term to come and give our school a complete clean make over.

The boys break into teams and descend upon each of our 6 classrooms moving furniture, sweeping, wiping walls, dusting light fittings and blinds, scrubbing tables and chairs, washing windows, removing mattress covers for washing and mopping floors with a strong disinfectant.

There’s always a happy buzz when the “green team” arrive.

We applaud and thank these young men and teachers for giving up their Sunday afternoon to give our school a much needed clean over ready for the next term.

It takes real men to humble themselves to serve others.


A special thanks to Philip the bus driver for bringing them to school, waiting and taking them back again.

IMG_3994 IMG_4005









IMG_3996 IMG_3997







IMG_3998 IMG_4004







IMG_4008 IMG_4010







IMG_4015 IMG_4048







IMG_4052 IMG_4059