We started counting sleeps for the visit from Danville Park Girls High School at the beginning of November.

At last the day arrived, WEDNESDAY 30th November. The children alerted us before the bus even parked and all rushed to the fence to greet the visitors.

There were shouts of joy and much excitement as we watched 84 young ladies climb out the busses ready to enter the school premises.

It was virtually impossible to contain the excitement of the children so we decided not to. This was going to be a day of broken rules all in the name of fun, fellowship and Christmas.

Lyn Campbell, School Counselor and Head of Life Orientation, Laura Vickery and Marlene Cameron accompanied the learners, most of whom were Gr 10 students with 8 x Gr 11 students from Interact who quality checked all the boxes and helped get all the food together. This was no ordinary box. Inside was something to eat, to drink, items of stationery, toiletries and a toy PLUS an item of clothing donated by Just Us 4 Children.


On arrival the girls were all invited into the BIG shed to hear a brief history of the school and to prepare themselves for the children. I’m not sure who was more excited at this stage, the Danville girls or the children waiting in anticipation on the other side of the large green door!


Half the visitors joined our Gr 000 and Gr 00 classes for singing, dancing and some high energy fun whilst the other half played in our grounds with the Gr R children.

After 30 minutes, we rang the bell and those who were outside came in and those who were inside went out.


There were groups of children climbing, dancing, playing games, having their hair done and many more activities in the playground. Some of the Danville girls had to carry multiple children around as there were more Makabongwe children than Danville visitors! We shared some of our traditions : like high five, low five, baby five and respect. This is not only fun, but teachers the children how to count, the difference between high and low and ends with an affirmation of respect for your partner.


All this playing, jumping, dancing, singing, hairdressing, hugging is HARD work and by midday the children had built up a healthy appetite and thirst.

The hot dogs were super delicious and so were the chips and chocolate all washed down with a refreshing cold drink.


As a parting gesture, each child was presented with a hand made book mark by the girls who had lovingly designed and created these after their exams.


The Danville “sleighs” and all the “elves” left just after midday and the Makabongwe children remained with big smiles on their faces, full tummies and much excitement at the prospect of opening their gift to discover what treasure they had been given.

We are extremely grateful to Danville for making this day such a happy and memorable one for everyone at Makabongwe learners and staff included.


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p1080235 p1080188








Christmas at Durban Girls College



The Grade 00 and Grade R learners of Durban Girls College invited the Grade R learners from Makabongwe to celebrate with them again this year.


Nanin, our bus driver, arrived at school and we all boarded the bus with much excitement and anticipation.


Mrs Conradie – the JP Head – welcomed us – as did the teachers, Les, Ange, Jamie and Simone. We are always made to feel very welcome and special.


Lee and Lulu from Educate and Fascinate entertained the children with a wonderful interactive and colourful story about Billy who dropped his ice cream money in the sea and how all the sea creatures came to his rescue and helped him get back his R5.00.

There are some budding actors and actresses amongst the College and Makabongwe children. I watched as they listened intently and lived the story to it’s conclusion – which of course – was a happy one with Billy getting his money back.

The story had good life skills for our children to learn, remember and put into practice.

We also got to make a really colourful octopus with messages of love, peace, joy, caring, friends, family, giving and sharing. I made 3 and there were really fun to create.


After the story, the children got to play with the College girls in their playground and each child was presented with a gift pack containing lots of treasure.


We headed back to Makabongwe after a morning of caring, sharing, friends, joy, love, peace and giving. We feel like family!

On Friday 25th November, about 10 Makabongwe children went to Durban Girls College to attend their morning assembly and present each learner, teacher and Head a homemade Christmas cracker containing some marshmallow sweets.

A small THANK YOU for all the kindness that Durban Girls college show to Makabongwe throughout the year.

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img-20161124-wa0006 img-20161124-wa0007








Dentist Visit



On Wednesday 23rd November, Dr Ramphoma, Keshrie and Sli – 2 Oral Hygienists – from King Dinuzulu Hospital came to visit Makabongwe.


Their purpose and mission was to give the children some basic education on how to look after their teeth as well as conduct screening.

We all learnt something new….. I learnt that you only need apply toothpaste the size of a pea onto your brush!

Sadly many children have poor teeth and need further assistance.

All parents will be encouraged to take their children to a dentist during the December holidays.


We have a song to encourage cleaning our teeth twice a day, early in the morning and just before you go to bed.

“This is the way we brush out teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth

This is the way we brush our teeth at Makabongwe Pre-School”

Sung to the tune of “Here we go round the Mulberry bush” doing small round circle actions pretending to brush your teeth.


Here’s to healthy teeth


Thank you Dr Ramphoma, Keshrie and Sli – we really appreciate your visit and what you taught us.


img-20161123-wa0001 img-20161123-wa0002


Our resource centre is a well used cabin on our property.

Uncle Brian is a loyal volunteer who comes to the school every Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes extra days to catch up.

Tuesday is dedicated to ball skills training with the Gr 000 and Gr 00 children and Thursday is dedicated to Computer training with the Gr R children.

Working on a roster, each child gets to spend about 15 minutes on the computer getting familiar with the keyboard, mouse and engaging in age appropriate educational games.

My office is right next door and I love listening to all his affirming words of encouragement and much celebration when the children get it right.

Receiving a gold star from Uncle Brian is always a goal to strive for.

We are having a special assembly on Tuesday 29th November and Uncle Brian will be presenting every Gr R learner a Merit or Distinction certificate and reading book for having completed the Computer Skills Course.

dsc_0177 dsc_0176







Sports Day 2016

“What are your memories of your Sports Days at school?

Mine are all good…and that’s what I think our Makabongwe children will have of our Sports Day on Friday 16th September.

This was our 3rd Sports Day which all started as a celebration of Madiba’s birthday.


The children had been practising their events as well as cheering and war cries and there was much excitement at school.

Dressed in their red t-shirts, black shorts and wearing a rosette the colour of the class they represented, all our learners came singing and dancing into the playground. They were met with cheers from committee members, parents and the all girl team from Permoseal who have sponsored and supported our Sports Day for the past 3 years.


The Green Group learners enjoyed their 3 races, all received a medal and prize pack and went back to class to recover and rest. There were onion and spoon races, bean bag squeezed tight between head and shoulder and hopping, rolling hula hoops, bean bags on heads, dress up and many other events. The cheering was magnificent. Everyone was having a good time. The parents challenged the teachers to a couple of races and this was particularly enjoyed by the children.

Every child is a winner at Makabongwe and so all our learners were presented with a medal and prize pack. The floating trophy for the best “Good Spirit” went to Gr R Yellow Butterflies. It was a very difficult decision as everyone was joining in and showing good spirit.


Well done to the teachers for their infectious enthusiasm, to the parents who came to support their children, the committee members and especially our sponsors Permoseal.

Another special thanks to our friend Melissa, who has helped us every year, getting the children read, starting the races, buttering and preparing the hotdogs and just being there to ensure everything runs according to plan. THANK YOU

This will be a fun day remembered for many years by our children and that’s exactly how it should be.

My best race was the 3 legged one, what was yours??”

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durban-20160916-00397 durban-20160916-00402

DSW Education and Waste Minimisation department

On Thursday 8th September we had a special visit from the staff of DSW Education and Waste Minimisation department, headed up by the Education Officer, Noxolo Mcobongwana.

Nokwethemba Khumalo read a delightful story about 2 caterpillars Molly and Billy. The purpose of the visit was to encourage a culture of reading in the children as we celebrated International Literacy Day together.


The month of September is called SA clean-up month according to the environmental calendar and in this month DSW encourage communities to clean-up their areas. DSW also conducts intensive education on correct waste management practices with the aim of instilling a sense of responsibility and ownership of the environment. They also celebrate Arbour week and encourage people to plant and take care of trees. Makabongwe received a beautiful tree which will be planted in a prime position in our playgrounds. The children really liked the DWS mascot, Nono who taught them to always put litter IN the bin and close the LID.


The main aim of the visit was to instil a sense of ownership of the environment through storytelling and highlighting the importance of trees in our lives.


We at Makabongwe are very proud of our school, our classrooms, our playground and especially our environment. Our learners are taught not to litter, to take care of the plants in our gardens and to recycle anti waste. We have made some very beautiful crafts out of re-cycled materials.


We would love to show you and share our love for the environment so do come and visit us anytime Monday to Fridays on the DSW site in Alice Street – entrance opposite Central Fire Station.


Thank you DSW for caring and sharing and teaching us how to make a difference in our environment so future generations can enjoy what we enjoy today.


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20160908_124133 20160908_124212

Horse Police Visit


Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Traffic Officers and THE POLICE

On Tuesday 2nd August we had very special visitors come to visit us at Makabongwe.

Captain Foster and his team: Inspector Jeffrey Gunter, Inspector Jason Manggos and Constable Lee Bryant from the mounted Metro Police Unit plus Wild Boy and Argentina – 2 delightful horses.

Wild Boy is not a stranger to the school as this was his 3rd visit. Argentina seemed quite relaxed amongst the children and was even happy to be stroked and fed carrots.


Captain Foster gave a very interesting talk to the children about what they do, how to look after the horses, what they eat, the special shoes they wear and the fact that even though they ride horses, they are still regular police with hand cuffs, batons and guns!


Inspector Gunter demonstrated how to put a saddle on, tighten the straps and set the stirrups in the correct position. We also showed the children the correct way to groom his horse. Wild Boy clearly enjoyed his mane being brushed. The children were fascinated Inspector Gunter got on the horse!! They thought the horse knelt down and let him climb on. Wild Boy showed off by walking, trotting and even cantering. Space limitations did not allow for him to break into a gallop. He also jumped over some poles and was encouraged with lots of clapping from the children.


Learning by listening, sight, touch and feel is the most rewarding and beneficial for our learners and we are so grateful to the Metro Police for their annual visits to our school.


Most of the children were brave enough to come and stroke the horses, some even returned for a second time and a third time. The teachers – some more willing and eager than others – treated both horses to some juicy carrots after the demonstration.


Enjoy the photos of the day the “horse police” came to Makabongwe.

20160802_105517 IMG-20160803-WA0009






IMG-20160803-WA0008  IMG-20160803-WA0004







IMG-20160803-WA0005 IMG-20160803-WA0001

Mandela Day – Healthy Eating

On Monday 18th July, in celebration of Mandela’s birthday, the KZN Dietician from Future Life, Megan Lee, visited Makabongwe.

She gave a very interesting and important message to the children about eating foods that give you energy, strength and protection. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is vital to eat a healthy, nutritious meal avoiding chips and sweets so early in the day. On Friday 22nd July during Baker Baker the children created some delicious and healthy edible items using all the foods that give energy, strength and protection. The Ants on a Log used celery sticks, peanut butter and raisins. It’s an interesting combination of tastes. The fruit sticks were made of grapes, banana and naartjies and the savoury kebabs included cucumber, chicken viennas and cheese. HEALTHY FOOD is both delicious to eat and exciting to make!

20160718_102756 20160718_102929






20160718_105603 20160718_111810






IMG-20160722-WA0005 IMG-20160722-WA0003


Siwela Sonke Dance Company.

On Thursday 2nd June we were entertained by members of the Siwela Sonke Dance Company.

They have different programmes tailored to different age audiences.

The programme presented to us at Makabongwe is based on Gcina Mhlophe’s children’s story Snake with Seven heads. To date it has been seen by more than 30 schools since the tour began in April. Siwela Sonke’s dance workshops for young children are focused on movement of the body and feeling comfortable and well. They are also currently developing a High School’s programme which will focus on substance abuse, discrimination and domestic violence.

Our children sat glued to their chairs with their eyes riveted to the stage which was actually the cement motor track on our school. The actors were entertaining, the dancing energetic, the singing beautifully harmonious and the story fascinating. Energy literally oozed from the dancers and now my school is filled with children singing the songs they learnt in the story. It was impossible to sit still without clapping your hands and tapping your toes.

Give them a call today and enjoy a wonderful treat at your school.

Elroy Bell

Company Administrator

Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre

T: 031 307 6685 | F: 031 307 6686 | M: 072 419 4146


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20160602_093439 20160602_091148

Compendium Educational Games

We are blessed with many visitors at Makabongwe.

Last Monday 13th June we were visited by the ladies from Compendium Educational Games, Heather, Janet and Laura and showered with brightly coloured extra strong hula hoops.  These “toys” provide much pleasure in terms of entertainment and development for our children. I invite you to visit the school and challenge one of our children to a hula hoop match. Be ready to graciously concede defeat because our children are masters of hula hooping!

Compendium Educational Games are suppliers of quality educational resources. Some examples of what you can get are Outdoor equipment, construction toys, creative rollers and stamps, fine motor activities, wooden puzzles, classroom games, numeracy resources and writeright boards.

Thank you for blessing the children of Makabongwe with such a generous , fun and useful educational toy.


IMG_1369 IMG_1373