This is exactly how I would describe our school right now.

With much appreciation to Southey Contracting who sponsored the new floor covering, our wooden cabin classrooms are bright and beautiful.

BUT don’t be fooled by the colours only.

Each floor covering has been specifically designed with an education game which the teachers chose.

There are balancing beams, colour and number recognition, counting and left and right – the variety of games that can be played on the new flooring is almost limitless.

And then of course, there are the games which the children will make up for themselves as well.

The product has been supplied by Holger and Sam Wöstenfeldt, husband and wife team from Dita Products.

They are distributors for LOKFLOR, the factory being situated in Soweto, Gauteng.

Please visit their website to see all the different applications and ideas for this durable and innovative product.

Dealing with Sam was a real pleasure and her dad even assisted during installation – a real family effort.

Thank you Southey Contracting for investing in the new

flooring for Makabongwe.

Thank you Dita Products for your professional, efficient and extremely friendly service.

You are most welcome to use us as a reference for any future business you might be targeting.



Our children just know when something different or exciting is taking place at school and Friday 18th June was no exception.

They had been planning and practicing for the Dad and Grandad Celebration for a couple of weeks.

Each class prepared 2 or 3 items – either a song, dance, rhyme, poem or prayer ALL with focusing on Dads and Grandads

About 40 dads joined us for the celebration and by the looks on their faces, they were having a wonderful time watching the children perform and bless them with the prepared entertainment.

What would a celebration be without something delicious to eat?

We served the dads a very tasty beef curry and juice and blessed them with a tray of Bakers choice biscuits donated by The Robin Hood foundation.

Each child also made their dad a Father’s Day craft gift so I think it very safe to say our dads were honoured and made to feel special and loved.

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY to all the Makabongwe dads and grandads.


It was on Friday the 7th of May when our pre-school hosted a Mother’s day celebration to honour our mothers, grandmothers and the other mother figures in our lives. The children performed various items such as poems, rhymes, dances and songs dedicated to them. It was such a wonderful day and a special one too as mothers and grandmothers witnessed these heart-touching performances from their precious little angels.

To end off our celebration, the mothers and grandmothers had lunch which was specially prepared by Ms Mdabe, Ms Dladla and their team. They prepared a scrumptious chicken curry and rice. Each mother and grandmother received a goodie bag to make their day extra special. It was indeed a great day to remember. Many thanks Aunty Melissa for helping us and to the Makabongwe staff working so hard to make this day a huge success.


Prepared by: Mrs Rachael Jamali

Grade R Yellow Bees teacher


During the recent school holidays a team contracted by Southey Contracting and approved by the Divisional Managing Director, Mr Rob Ross, son of Mrs Elizabeth Ross, one our founding members, came and gave our BIG SHED and wooden cabin classrooms a face lift.

At one stage, the BIG SHED was the entire school but now we have 4 additional wooden cabin classrooms.

Before the face lift, the BIG SHED had carpet tiles in the classrooms.

These were virtually impossible to keep clean and even though we swept daily, and deep cleaned twice a year, I was always horrified at the dirt that came out – the water was literally thick black mud!

Not anymore, the carpet tiles are gone and have been replaced with a durable, practical, clean and bright vinyl tile.

It literally makes the room look twice the size, is so easy to clean and has brightened up the BIG shed.

We love our wooden cabin classrooms, but they are like saunas in summer.  The rooves have all been painted with a special insulation paint to keep the heat out and the cooler air in. Roll on summer – we’re prepared for you.

Special thanks to Willemien Stopforth from Southeys and Clint Jones who drove this project and made sure it all happened as planned.




I’m probably the wrong person to write this article because I love the cooler weather but then my home is equipped for lower temperatures as is my wardrobe.

Our Makabongwe children have been blessed again with some items to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Thank you to the ladies from Knitting with Love who hand knitted 180 x beanies and some extras to bless the children of our staff.

Enjoy your new woollen beanie made by the

ladies from 

Knitting with Love


Another thank you to Andrew and Hilary McDonald from Canada for the soft, fluffy and super cosy blankets, one for each child.


Keep warm, cosy and safe

With much love

Andrew and Hilary McDonald



AND, another thank you to Paul, Kirsh, Kira and Ethan Jacobs from Cape Town for blessing every child with winter pyjamas.



Be blessed with your new winter pyjamas because “we care”

With much love

Paul, Kirsh, Kira and Ethan Jacobs

Cape Town





Do you remember this advert for washing powder? I do and the jingle remains in my head.

COVID has added a whole new dimension in terms of staying safe, washing hands and sanitising regularly.


We blessed each Makabongwe family with an amazing toiletry pack to help keep OUR children safe, clean and healthy.

Each child took home a toiletry pack containing 2 x toothpaste, 2 x toothbrushes, 2 x body soap, 1 x large tub of aqueous body lotion, 2 x zambuk ointment, 150g baby talc, 250ml sanitiser, facecloth, nailbrush set and 2 x 125g laundry soap.


Thanks to the donor of the empty OMO tubs. They made perfect containers to pack all the toiletries inside.



Sometimes pictures do speak louder than words.

Enjoy the photos which show the sheer delight of our children from each class when they found their Easter egg in our playground,

The Easter bunny delivered the eggs per class and the children then proceeded to go outdoors and hunt for their egg.

Once each child had found an egg, they moved indoors to let the Easter bunny hide for the next class until all the children had successfully hunted for their egg.

It was a joyful day at Makabongwe.



This was a party with a slight difference because we were able to celebrate with Mr Dave Gould CEO of VUM and 2 staff members, Kelwyn-Lee Wright and Londani Zulu.

Dave wanted to do something special for the staff being our 25th anniversary and they pulled out all the stoppers to make this a memorable celebration.

Each staff members was blessed with a long sleeved t-shirt with both our logo and that of VUM and a 25th anniversary message.

Dave gave the school the most beautiful glass trophy to commemorate our 25 years and a delicious rainbow cake for the staff to enjoy as dessert after the braai.

Our 3 men, Mondli, Hemilton and Nhlakanipho were the appointed chefs for the day cooking wors, pork chops and chicken pieces. It was a feast of meat.

This was served with green salad, potato bake and rolls. Everyone enjoyed a bountiful supply of crisps, cool drink and chocolates AND of course CAKE!

For the past 5 years we have exchanged a Secret Santa amongst the staff and this always adds to the enjoyment of the party.

All in all it was a very happy day and Christmas party. For a few hours, we could almost forget the COVID cloud that has hung over us all during the year.

THANK YOU Dave and your team for your incredible generosity and making the staff feel so special and appreciated.

Sing along with me…..

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

ANE, JO AND ENID VISIT MAKABONGWE – Thursday 25th March 2021

Ane – Marketing Manager of SA Guide Dog Association

Joanne – a friend who is virtually totally blind with an incurable hereditary disease

Enid – Jo’s beautiful golden Labrador guide dog

This is becoming an annual event on our school calendar and we are so happy to welcome Ane and friends.

Every 2 weeks we have a new THEME and one of those themes is our Senses where we explore and learn about sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

We learn that is costs the Association R300 000.00  to train and prepare a guide dog which takes place over a 2 year period.

A blind person pays only R5.00 for this faithful friend.

Enid has completed her guide dog school training and must have been top of her class because she listens first time to the commands from Jo – sit, stand and lie down. She also knows left and right.

We were delighted to make a donation to this very worthy cause of R2000.00

Thank you Makabongwe parents and committee for your generosity.


Our staff are very valuable assets.

We like to recognise their achievements, acknowledge their hard work and in particular appreciate long service.

Every 5 years, staff receive a frames long service certificate and a Checkers/Shoprite voucher R500 for 5 years, R1000 for 10 years and so on.

We have many staff who have served for 5 years and longer, some are coming close to 10 years and we have 2 staff members with 15 years PLUS.

This year we acknowledged Mrs Rachael Jamali – Grade R Yellow Bees Teacher who joined the Makabongwe team on 1st January 2016 and our Gardener, Mr Nhlakanipho Ndulini who came on board and transformed our gardens on 15th January 2015.

Well Done to both Rachael and Nhlaka – here’s to reaching the next milestone 10 years!