No matter how long I serve the community, I still get emotional.

When Father Christmas (alias Robert Lukan – my youngest son) came out of the BIG SHED striding towards the children, I nearly burst.

The expressions on the children’s faces and the chitter, chatter between them, the gasps, the ooohs and aaahs – it is all just too precious.

He played the role so well telling the children where he lives and why he dresses in warm clothes and also why he has such a fat tummy – cookies and milk!

He told the children how he got to the school  and that the reindeer were having a rest eating some carrots.

At one point, I was getting worried that the children were not saying BIG thank you’s but then I realised they were really in awe of Father Christmas.

To them he was the real deal and the comment from Lithitha in Grade R Yellow Birds when she said, “Hey Father Christmas, I’ve got your movie” finished me off completely.

In spite of such challenging times with minimal relief, there are still many folk out there with BIG hearts who really do care, who are kind, who are giving, who are generous and who want to continue making a difference in the lives of other people. These are the folk who fill the SANTA SHOE BOX gifts facilitated and co-ordinated by Melissa Lee.

We are so grateful for every heart who filled their shoe box and blessed our children making this such a special day INCLUDING the arrival of Father Christmas himself.

We took a photo of each child receiving their gift from Father Christmas and sent this to the parents. There were some really beautiful ones.

ENJOY the photos which captured some of the excitement of the day.

Prepared by : Theresa Lukan – Passionate Principal



These are such happy days at school. Chaos but organised and very festive.

Tuesday was particularly warm and very humid and I think this caused our little ones to be a lot more subdued than they usually are.

Trust me I know the volume they are capable of. I hear them every day in the classroom, in the playground and practicing for the concert.

The teachers and children rose to the occasion and tried something slightly different to ensure ALL the children could showcase their talents and be seen by the parents and audience in the process.

They presented delightful items – a mixture of poems, rhymes, songs and dances.

Our children have rhythm and moves that I have never or will ever have and clearly we have some aspiring dancers!

We also celebrated 2 long service awards : Ms Khawulezile Dada for 5 years’ service and Ms Bongangani Dladla (known to us as Emma) for 10 years’ service.

WELL DONE both ladies and thank you for your dedication and loyalty to the school and the children in our care.

The children and parents were served delicious homemade sponge with ultramel custard and refreshing juice to quench their thirsts.

Thanks to Auntie Melissa for baking, cutting and serving the dessert.


Some events are literally life changing.

This can be said with all confidence for both the children at Makabongwe and for the young ladies of Danville Girls High School.

Danville is one of South Africa’s leading girls only high school situated in Durban North.

We are extremely grateful that they have chosen Makabongwe to bless at Christmas.

If my memory serves me correctly, this was their 4th visit.

As part of a school project the girls are requested to fill a shoe box with specific items and write a personalised card. The value of each box being +/- R200.

When Danville visit the school to distribute the gifts the Makabongwe children entertain them briefly, then it’s present handing out time followed by fun and games and ending off a perfect morning with the ultimate lunch meal treat – hot dogs, juice and chips!!

These mornings can only be described as glorious organised chaos but oh what joy, delight and love – you can literally feel it in the air!

This video was prepared by Cathy Gilmour, PR and Marketing for Danville and with her permission I am including the link for you to watch,

Grab a cup of tea or coffee – this will be 4 minutes well invested.




We are very proud of our Teacher assistant, Ms Londi Mhlongo, who has received her Certificate of Competence against the following SAQA registered qualification.

National Diploma : Early Childhood Development NQF Level 5.

 Londi has been employed at Makabongwe since 1st June 2012.

One of our founder members, Auntie Liz Ross, “spotted” this young lady and recognised a rare talent in her so we employed her as a teacher assistant.

Londi has a natural way with children and is passionate about teaching.

We saw good potential in this young lady and managed to secure a sponsor to assist her with her 3 year diploma.

Below is some delightful feedback from her mentor and Director of Caversham Institute, Mrs Jabu Mtheku.

“My dear Theresa, you should have been there!! you have never seen someone so, so excited, so happy!  Of all the graduates, she is the only one who literally danced, I mean danced when she was hooded, she could not contain herself.  She caused such havoc (good)  when she arrived and saw that gown and mortar board and could not contain herself!  It was so good to watch!!

WELL DONE Londi, we are incredibly proud of you.

You are a good teacher assistant and will make an excellent teacher one day when you get your own class allocated to you.

It’s been a pleasure watching you grow both in confidence and knowledge to become a highly valued member of the Makabongwe team.

I LOVE your photos. They capture the joy of the occasion far better than any words can express.

Your Gogo must have been bursting with pride.


  Ian Carter from KOS foods has generously donated food parcels to Makabongwe for more than 5 years.

You might remember The Big 5 – their store in Durban North.

My friends and I have been loyal supporters since they opened.

No matter what time of day or day of the month or week of the year, you are always guaranteed to find a bargain of delicious edibles at this shop.

They currently have branches in Durban North, Hillcrest, 2 in Pinetown and their most recent one on the Bluff .

If you haven’t already been to KOS branch, put it on your action list to do sooner than later.

You won’t be disappointed.

Today we started distributing the KOS food parcels.

Our parcels contained cornflakes, chips, popcorn, peanuts and raisins, 2-min noodles, oats, mix a drink and sweets.

What a wonderful way to start the festive season with a combination of healthy and treats!



Every Thursday on a roster basis, the Grade R learners go to our Resource Centre for Computer Skills training with Uncle Hemilton.

Our 2 computers have been loaded with age appropriate games and the children get to learn about the equipment, computer terminology and develop their hand/eye co-ordination.

At the end of the year, the Yellow Butterflies, Bees and Birds are presented with a Certificate with either a Merit or Distinction pass.

This year we made up a little parcel for the children which contained their certificate, a packet of sweets and a small notebook covered in brightly coloured paper to use at BIG school next year.

Uncle Hemilton presented the children with their computer skills graduation pack on Thursday after assembly.

Below is a photo of each class with their “coach” and 1 child from each class in our gardens with their computer skills graduation gift.

ROAD AND TRAFFIC SAFETY MONDAY 25th October 2021 Presented by Inspector Jacques accompanied by Captain Nicky Freddy from Durban Metro Police Services

At Makabongwe we not only educate, feed and love the children in our care, but we also make every effort to equip them with practical skills that could literally save lives one day.

Inspector Fourie is one of the school’s favourite visitors not only when he brings his K9, Lexi, but also when he arrives with his set of real traffic lights and teaches the children all about road safety and when and when not to cross the street.

This can be confusing for small children and even more complicated with load shedding and out of order traffic lights.

Inspector Fourie teaches our children what to do in ALL situations.

Do you know what to do?


Look right, then left and then right again and WALK across the road.

Thank you Inspector Fourie for being such a loyal and long standing friend of the school.

I’m sure there are a number of Makabongwe learners who will no doubt become police men and women having been inspired by you.

Inspector Fourie also judged the colouring in competition from his previous visit when he spoke about STRANGER DANGER and taught our children the correct emergency number to call.

There were some lovely pictures and choosing the top 3 winners in each class proved quite challenging.

All the Grade R children wrote a test with the emergency number and received a certificate on completion.

WELL DONE to everyone for the beautiful pictures, for completing the test and for learning something very important.


STRANGER DANGER Presentation by the Metro Police TUESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2021

We have established such a good relationship with the Metro Police and some of the staff, like Inspector Jacques Fourie, have become real friends to the children and staff.

On Tuesday Inspector Fourie accompanied by Captain Nicky Freddy and Constable Radebe visited Makabongwe.

Inspector Fourie came with K9 Lexi and Constable Radebe on his motorbike.

Inspector Fourie demonstrated the equipment police use and explained why and when they use the various items.

He taught the children the recommended emergency number 031-3610000.

The children learnt the difference between Captain, Inspector and Constable and why they wear different uniforms.

Some police work in an office, others work the streets with their dogs, others ride motor bikes making sure we are all safe and protected.

At the end of the presentation ALL the Makabongwe children wanted to be policemen or policewomen.

I loved these 2 quotes from a Grade R learner and a Grade 00 learner respectively:-

“These are very nice policemen Ms Terressa”

“The police are cool”

Inspector Fourie left the children with pictures to colour in and will return to present the winners of each class.

AND a test for the Grade R leaners to complete with the emergency number.

Each child is presented with a certificate on completion of this “test”.

I pray our children NEVER need the service of the police in an emergency situation but if they do, we are confident they will know who to call, who to stay away from and who to go to for help.

Thank you Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad for allowing the “team” to visit our school.

These are life lessons that could literally saves lives one day.



Today can only be described as a BIG splash of cultural colour.

The children and Makabongwe staff looked stunning – bright and beautiful – in their traditional garments.

It was a glorious SPRING day with Mr Sun shining just warm enough to enjoy being outdoors


Our programme started with a welcome to the guests of honour by the Principal.

Rev Thokozani Mthembu, minister of Manning Road Methodist, opened in prayer followed by an informative and passionate explanation about our country, province and local district by our Bishop Linda Mandindi.

The children sang 2 songs followed by the National Anthem to set the tone for the items being presented by each class.

Each class performed either a song, poem or dance expressing their culture.

It was very clear the children were enjoying themselves as they performed for each other and our guests of honour.

Rev Thokozani Mthembu closed in prayer followed by a vote of thanks by the Principal.

Our Bishop cut the cakes that committee member and cake baking expert Auntie Melissa had made and iced encouraging us all to add flavour, colour and taste to each other and our country – just like a cake does!

We all enjoyed our cake outdoors.

The children returned to their classrooms to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our 4 in-house chefs and cooked to perfection : sgwaqane served with beef curry, butternut and coleslaw.

The 6 class teachers and VIP guests, Bishop Linda Mandindi, Rev Thokozani Mthembu, Ms Thobile Zwane journalist from The Berea Mail, Auntie Hazel assistant to our Bishop and Auntie Melissa – committee member and cake baker enjoyed lunch together served in the BIG shed with some refreshing cool drinks.

From the weather, to the décor, to the items, to the cake, to the lunch and juice – it was a wonderful, happy Heritage Day Celebration.

WELL DONE to the MAKABONGWE TEAM for making this such a memorial day for ALL involved.



Our Themes change every second week for each grade.

The Grades have different themes and the teachers and assistants are encouraged to come up with a craft over and above what is suggested in the Practitioner’s Guidebook.

Teachers and assistants are challenged to brain storm, be innovative, google and search the internet for new and fun ideas.

This is what was presented by the various classes

GREEN GROUP – Grade 000 – Theme – How to Stay Safe

BLUE and RED GROUPS – Grade 00 – Theme HELPERS – Police, Fire Brigade and Traffic Police

BLUE group made a fireman’s face, a traffic light using coloured plastic lids and a toilet roll police man

RED group did a group project – a scene with a fireman with the fire truck and fire hose putting out a large fire made with yellow, orange and red paper

There were many policemen and women on duty this week with their very smart handcrafted police hats.


Yellow Butterflies were very busy with their communal veggie garden which also shows us which veggies grow above the ground and which grow below the ground.

These veggies are quite safe because there is a scarecrow to chase any birds or other animals away who might want to steal and destroy the veggies.

The corn was made by painting a toilet roll inner yellow and then pasting actual popcorn seed onto the roll.

Yellow Bees made a mielie and used an actual green pepper to do veggie stamping.

Lovely to see all the different ideas and techniques used to create the veggie art.

Well done to Ms Rachael and teacher Mondli.

Yellow Birds had a very busy veggie week making a giant collage carrot and tomato plus a lovely cabbage patch. The veggie baskets looked most inviting.

Well done Yellow Birds for the group art and individual creations.