Think back to when you were at school.

Did you have a Sports Day when you were at school?

What was your favourite race?

Do you remember the excitement leading up to the day?

The staff practiced with and prepared the children for a number of weeks leading up to the BIG day.

Every practice has been filled with much laughter and enjoyment.

There’s also background preparation: making the medals and securing a little prize for each child, dressing the children in the excursion outfits – red t-shirt and navy shorts, making hot dogs, mixing juice, setting up the music and ensuring the loud haler is working.

There’s always lots to be done to ensure a successful SPORTS DAY at any school.

Friday can only be described as glorious organised chaos.

150 children participated in the various events and races watched and cheered on by +/- 70 parents and siblings.

Every child got to participate in 3 different events and it was very clear that they were having a wonderful time.

The weather could not have been more perfect, just enough sun, no wind and the right amount of cloud cover and no rain!

We had some parent and teachers races to end the morning and each child was presented with a coloured medal for the class they are in: green, blue, red or yellow and a matching sucker.

Congratulations to the Makabongwe staff and students who all looked very smart in their tracksuits.

It was a magnificent display of teamwork at its best.



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