This activity usually takes place every 2nd Friday, one week Grade 000 and Grade 00 x 2 classes and the following Friday Grade R x 3 classes.

Every effort is made to ensure the item being created is Theme related and includes many learning skills with the emphasis on FUN and the ultimate prize of being able to eat what you have created,.

Our latest creation was a face using a piece of bread as our base, chocolate spread as the “glue” to attach the facial features – a real treat, cherry tomatoes for the nose, cucumber rind for the eye brows, green peas for the eyes, half a small polony for a smiling mouth, sliced marshmallows for the ears and grated carrot for the hair.

I asked our Embury students to list what learning skills they thought the children were being taught in this fun environment – together we came up with about 20!

Think about the creation, look at the photos, imagine the scene of the children designing their faces and see how many life and learning skills you can come up with.


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