You are never too old to learn…..

On Wednesday 22nd May, Andre from Educate and Fascinate came to “show and tell” some of his favourite pets.

We have had a number of presenters at school demonstrating and teaching the children various things.

Andre was one of the BEST visitors we have ever had.

He was interesting.

He was entertaining.

He kept the children’s attention from start to finish.

He was relevant and he spoke on a level everyone could understand.

We were all both “EDUCATED” and “FASCINATED”.

The morning proved to me once again that you are never too old to learn new and interesting things.

Here are just a few facts that he shared with us:-

1) All the snakes he showed us were constrictors.

2) This means they rely on the element of surprise to hunt their prey in order to get close to their food.

3) The leopard gecko comes from the dessert and stores its fat in the tail to survive when food is not available.

4) The tree iguana spends most of the time in the tree avoiding predators and has easy access to its food source being a vegetarian.

THANK YOU ANDRE for such a fun and informative morning.

A Burmese python shedding its skin.
Strawberry Corn Snakes
The children were fascinated as Andre educated.
A VERY brave volunteer holding the strawberry corn snakes.
Phumlani keeping a beady eye on the Dumerall python he is holding.
Andrew holding a Ball python
Two – (having second thoughts) – volunteers holding an albino Burmese python.
Andre trying to convince Lwazi to stroke the Leopard gecko – he was not convinced!
What a handsome specimen – a tree iguana.
Andre with TWO Albino Burmese pythons.
With a little help from a friend but im not taking my eyes off this snake for a second.
Andre explaining the difference between warm and cold blooded creatures.

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