We had a special assembly at school to celebrate Jesus’ ascension and shared the story of Him returning home.


“Jesus’ friends were so happy to have Him back. They knew that nobody is as powerful as He is. He is even stronger than death.

One day Jesus told them that He had to go back to be with His Father in Heaven, because Heaven is His true home. He also told them not to be sad, because one day they would all join Him there!

Jesus and His friends then climbed to the top of a mountain.

A cloud came down and covered them. When the cloud lifted, it took Jesus away. Jesus’ friends watched Him going to heaven with sad hearts.

Suddenly they saw two angels standing there. The angels said to the Disciples that Jesus would come back one day. They had to go and tell the whole world that Jesus loves everybody.”


Lord Jesus, I know You will return to take me to Heaven, because the Bible tells me so. AMEN


Even though Jesus is in heaven, we know He still takes care of us.

After the story and prayer, all the children went outside.

Each child had answered the question:- “IF YOU SAW JESUS TODAY, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO HIM?

Every answer was incredibly touching and special.

Some of these answers were written on helium filled balloons and the rest rolled up and attached to the balloon string.

We formed a circle and after saying THANK YOU JESUS in unison, let the balloons go up into the heavens with our messages

It was a VERY special and touching celebration

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