Today might have been just an ordinary day for you but NOT for the children of Makabongwe Methodist Pre-School

TODAY we visited Glenwood Boys High School and enjoyed a whole morning in the fresh air of sporting activities and fun.

This has become another favourite day on our school calendar and one that is looked forward to by ALL our learners.

The GREEN MACHINE busses arrived promptly at 09h00 and left for Glenwood with the first load of extremely excited children, their teachers, teacher assistants and Embury students.

Once ALL the children were at school, they were divided into groups of 7 / 8 and appointed a Glenwood Champ to be their leader for the morning.

There were 10 different sporting stations – soccer, musical statures, hop scotch, 3 legged races, ball and spoon races, etc

The Glenwood fields were ALL green and red and black with BIG and LITTLE people respectively having a wonderful time together.

During the course of the morning ALL our children visited the ablutions, not once, but multiple times.

This never ceases to amaze. Everywhere we go, the ablutions are a MUST on the list of things to do at the event!!

At 11h30 when the games/races had been completed, the children were given delicious, fresh hot dogs to eat which were literally inhaled.

This was followed by juice, chips and a fizzer. I might add that the staff all enjoyed these treats as much as the children.

After lunch we were presented with 5 new soccer balls AND a cheque for R6630.00 enough to cover the cost of the furniture we have wanted for quite some time for our Fantasy Corner in the BIG shed.

It was particularly special to see the young men engaging with the little people and showing so much love and attention.

They also seemed to enjoy the multiple hugs they received from the Makabongwe children.

The relationship between Glenwood and Makabongwe has lasted long and strong and we remain so extremely grateful for their ongoing love and support.

A couple of the matric boys got quite emotional when they realised that the 3 year relationship they have established with Makabongwe would come to an end this year.

Keep up the excellent work Glenwood and thank you for choosing Makabongwe Pre-School to care for and love.

THE PHOTOS ONLY CAPTURE A LITTLE OF THE ESSENCE OF THE DAY – it was way more special than any photo could portray!

The Glenwood team responsible for organising the sports day.
Meeting Norman the Glenwood Mascot.
The hotdog chefs busy in the kitchen.
Let the games begin…
Not sure who had more fun – Norman or the children.
Saying grace before lunch.
The children waiting patiently in their teams for lunch – their favourite treat – hot dogs
Two very dashing glenwood young men armed with fizzers for the children.
A delicious cup of juice going down very well to quench the thirst on a sunny Durban Day.
The men in green.
Thank you hugs all around.
And another generous gift to the school – soccer balls.
The whole team – guests and hosts together
Happy children waiting for the busses to go back to school – last minute hugs and cuddles

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