Friday 10th MAY 2019

Recently I watched a delightful DVD called “Pictures versus Words” (Rob – I need to confirm the name of this DVD)

Basically it is about two teachers – one an art teacher, the other an English professor and their respective love for their professions.

The story is about the “battle” they engage in trying to prove which one is important to express feelings – PICTURES or WORDS. (might need to change these 2 words depending on the correct name of the DVD)

I won’t tell you how the story plays out – just to say – it’s well worth the watch.

The reason I am telling you all this is because you will have to use your imagination with this article – there are NO pictures.

We were all so busy with the events of the morning and I forgot to delegate the task of taking photos to a staff member.

So close your eyes and use your imagination……..

The children had been rehearsing with much enthusiasm and energy.

Each class prepared 3 items to present.

Every item was delightful whether a poem, rhyme, play, song or dance.

From where I sat, all I saw was broad smiles of pride and delight on the faces of the audience.

Thank you teachers for all your hard work preparing and practicing.

Well done children for doing the school, your moms and most important, yourselves proud.

The moms were given a special chocolate with a “Happy Mothers Day” wish as they left the BIG shed to go outside to enjoy a scrumptious chicken biryani meal prepared by Ivy, Emma and Portia.

Dessert was freshly baked cup cakes beautifully decorated with lilac icing and sprinkles. The meal was accompanied by a glass of refreshing juice.

Makabongwe staff served and hosted the moms with grace and love.

All the Makabongwe moms received a Happy Mother’s Day craft lovingly drawn, painted and created by their child.

It was indeed a very joyous celebration at Makabongwe.


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