Food Parcels from We Are Durban


The children of Makabongwe enjoy 2 healthy and nutritious meals every day they are at school.

Breakfast consists of Future Life porridge and brown bread sandwiches with either jam or peanut butter and a glass of milk. Lunch consists of a variety of menus all designed to ensure our children eat healthy and get as much natural goodness from the food we prepare. Bongi, our cook, ensures the meals are tasty and interesting. Rice, samp, sugar beans, mielie meal, pasta, vegetables – both fresh and frozen, soup, viennas, baked beans, pilchards, chicken gizzards, chicken fillets and meaty bones, delicious herbs and spices are just some of the ingredients she uses to make up a wholesome bowl of food. The children affectionately call her “Ms Somemore” because she is the one they go to for seconds!

A BIG, hearty and healthy thanks to “WE ARE DURBAN” who sponsored a generous food hamper for each child to take home for the holidays. This ensures the children continue to get healthy meals as well as enjoy some Christmas treats.

There are many good and positive stories of helping others, empowering people to be their best, ensuring our children are kept safe, off the street, educated and fed. Sadly we don’t read these stories in our local newspapers BUT at Makabongwe we only report good news.

THANK YOU We are  Durban for making sure there will be full tummies these holidays.


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We are so excited, so happy and so blessed.

We Are Durban sponsored our new front door awning.

Now the children are sheltered when arriving at school in all types of weather.

I can display our notice board which will be protected and parents will know exactly what is going on at our happy, busy school.

Our school looks welcoming and pretty.


Thank you WE ARE DURBAN for blessing us and making our school situated on the Durban Solid Waste Site look beautiful.

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