We started counting sleeps for the visit from Danville Park Girls High School at the beginning of November.

At last the day arrived, WEDNESDAY 30th November. The children alerted us before the bus even parked and all rushed to the fence to greet the visitors.

There were shouts of joy and much excitement as we watched 84 young ladies climb out the busses ready to enter the school premises.

It was virtually impossible to contain the excitement of the children so we decided not to. This was going to be a day of broken rules all in the name of fun, fellowship and Christmas.

Lyn Campbell, School Counselor and Head of Life Orientation, Laura Vickery and Marlene Cameron accompanied the learners, most of whom were Gr 10 students with 8 x Gr 11 students from Interact who quality checked all the boxes and helped get all the food together. This was no ordinary box. Inside was something to eat, to drink, items of stationery, toiletries and a toy PLUS an item of clothing donated by Just Us 4 Children.


On arrival the girls were all invited into the BIG shed to hear a brief history of the school and to prepare themselves for the children. I’m not sure who was more excited at this stage, the Danville girls or the children waiting in anticipation on the other side of the large green door!


Half the visitors joined our Gr 000 and Gr 00 classes for singing, dancing and some high energy fun whilst the other half played in our grounds with the Gr R children.

After 30 minutes, we rang the bell and those who were outside came in and those who were inside went out.


There were groups of children climbing, dancing, playing games, having their hair done and many more activities in the playground. Some of the Danville girls had to carry multiple children around as there were more Makabongwe children than Danville visitors! We shared some of our traditions : like high five, low five, baby five and respect. This is not only fun, but teachers the children how to count, the difference between high and low and ends with an affirmation of respect for your partner.


All this playing, jumping, dancing, singing, hairdressing, hugging is HARD work and by midday the children had built up a healthy appetite and thirst.

The hot dogs were super delicious and so were the chips and chocolate all washed down with a refreshing cold drink.


As a parting gesture, each child was presented with a hand made book mark by the girls who had lovingly designed and created these after their exams.


The Danville “sleighs” and all the “elves” left just after midday and the Makabongwe children remained with big smiles on their faces, full tummies and much excitement at the prospect of opening their gift to discover what treasure they had been given.

We are extremely grateful to Danville for making this day such a happy and memorable one for everyone at Makabongwe learners and staff included.


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Animal Farm Yard


WOW what an awesome morning we spent at the Animal Farm at Botha’s Hill

What a pleasure to escape from school and the city and enjoy farm life.

The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cold and NO rain.

This was a first for the school and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the children would react.

This was also a first for Ms Nicola, Green Group Gr 000 teacher – who celebrated her birthday with the children and animals!

Clearly everyone had a wonderful morning; they loved the playground, they all thoroughly enjoyed the tractor ride and feeding the animals was a hit.

Some children were very brave and confident, others not so but I think every child got to feed some of the animals even if this meant throwing the food into their pens.

I had some very confident children in my group until we got to the cows. There was one with horns who did not seem too happy having all these little people around and kept head butting the fence with his horns.

Once one child tasted the fresh milk, most of the children put their hands up. I thought it was delicious – not very good for the waistline I’m guessing – it was so creamy.

The snack and juice went down in record time and majority of our little people fell asleep on the bus ride back.

I’ve never heard our children so quiet…… it was heavenly.

Thanks to Mr Price Audit Department staff for covering the cost of the bus hire and tractor ride, Jenny Bamber the owner of the farm who generously waived the entrance fee and Rik and Sarah Kennedy who sponsored a 40kg bag of animal feed.

Without you, our VIP Makabongwe friends, this outing could not have happened. We are very grateful.



Watch this space for the next adventure with the Gr R learners…….









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