School Activities

Annual Sports Day

Our Sports Days are usually one of the highlights of our school calendar. All the children are given the opportunity to participate using various skills like hand-eye co-ordination, balancing and counting. The children delight when their parents get involved in races and watching the teachers challenge the Principal always results in much cheering and laughter.
Cultural Activities

Drama: There are a number of elements in our curriculum that are geared towards helping the children with their drama skills through story telling. They are encouraged to tell one story per week and to act out one story per week.

Music is also a daily part of the program where the children are encouraged to use movement, singing, rhythm and instruments to explore all forms of music making.

Art: We strongly encourage Art through projects that explore colour, texture, and form using many mediums, including re-cycled material that can be found around the home such as toilet roll inners, dried tea leaves, wool off-cuts, yoghurt and other containers, bottle caps, etc. We have found that upcycling encourages creativity and problem solving.

Baking: We have “Baker-Baker” bi-weekly. Here the children get to create in a safe environment and experiment with mixing ingredients together, learning baking terminology – difference between a teaspoon, dessert spoon and a tablespoon – as well as learning new words, tastes, smells and touch with the end result being a delicious edible to take home.