Our Story


Makabongwe was started by a small group of women from Manning Road Methodist Church who felt that no child should be illiterate. In  September 2015, we celebrated 20 wonderful  years and have watched the pre-school grow from 15 children sitting on pieces of cardboard on the pavements to classrooms with bright posters and artwork covering the walls, a playground full of joy and a staff equipped to give our children the education they deserve.

Our vision is to provide sustainable and affordable early childhood education, to help reduce illiteracy and give our children the best foundation for big school. We help our children to grow and mature holistically; teaching them in a loving way in accordance with our Christian ethos.

We are based in the heart of the city diagonally opposite Central Fire Station. Our school is a busy, happy one where you will always be greeted with big smiles and ambushed with loads of hugs.

Our Principal


Theresa Lukan, the passionate Principal of Makabongwe Methodist Pre-School is loved by all the children.  “Miss Terressa”, as the children call her, served for many years on the Fund Raising and Management Committees of St Thomas Home for Children up until she took the position of Principal at our school.

Miss Terressa spends her days working to continue to improve all aspects of the school and takes music classes, Baker-Baker and many other fun activities with the children.

Our History


Two women from Manning Road Methodist Church, who felt that no child should be illiterate started Makabongwe Methodist Pre-School in September 1995. The school started with fifteen children sitting on pieces of cardboard placed on the pavement in Brooke Street where they learnt literacy and writing skills. Later a gazebo was bought and in October 1996, the school moved to a shipping container which accommodated 20 children. There was no toilet, running water or electricity, however the teachers still managed to teach these eager learners important life skills.

A narrow cement strip in front of the container was the only playground which the children made sure was used to maximum benefit. In 1998, after negotiations with City Council Town Planning Department, we were allocated a spacious building in Alice Street which was subsequently renovated. These new premises were officially opened in August 1999.

The children now have spacious classrooms with bright posters on the walls, a grassy playground with a variety of interesting and challenging equipment such as a trampoline, motor track, sand pit and jungle gyms.

This new space has allowed our school to accommodate around 100 children and impact not only on the children who attend the school but also their parents and families through the various services we provide for fees which are directly proportionate to their income.