Beyond The Call Of Duty

We really care about the children at Makabongwe making sure they are looked after in terms of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Over and above offering excellent pre-school education and feeding the children 2 meals a day, we try and ensure vital services are made easily accessible to the parents.

One of the additional services we offer is a visit from our local clinic ensuring the children are de-wormed regularly, have their vitamins and all the required pre-school inoculations.


On Wednesday 22nd February, Lancer’s Road Clinic visited our school.


Sister Lungi and Sister Lunga made sure that all the clinic cards for the children were checked.

Those children who needed de-worming were given their tablets and those who needed vitamins drops were given these as well.

The children were very well behaved. Majority of the children had all their inoculations up to date.

This is a service the clinic provides us on request twice a year in February and August.

It helps working parents who might not have the time to get to the Clinic and it also ensures that all the Makabongwe children are up to date in terms of their pre-school medical requirements resulting in healthy and happy children.

We look forward to the next visit in August.


Volunteer Hlengiwe, sister Lungi and sister Lunga hard at work checking clinic cards.
Vitiamin drops “in they go”









Grade 00 Blue group patienty waiting their turn
Down the hatch it goes








Some children were absent on account of the rain. Others did not have their clinic cards. The clinic will return another day to ensure all our children have been treated.

Beginning Of A New School Year

Keep digging – you might find treasure


The driver, the conductor and 1 passenger. Can't be one of our local taxis!
The driver, the conductor and 1 passenger. Can’t be one of our local taxis!


Peek a boo, you can't see me
Peek a boo, you can’t see me


Nothing better than a group hug selfie
Nothing better than a group hug selfie


The smile says it all
The smile says it all
Teaching the plastic animals to swim
Teaching the plastic animals to swim


All eyes and ears on teacher for discussion ring - well almost all eyes and ears
All eyes and ears on teacher for discussion ring – well almost all eyes and ears
Painting, drawing, creating - some budding artists in this classroom
Painting, drawing, creating – some budding artists in this classroom


So when can we go outside to play?
So when can we go outside to play?
Do I have to go back to class?
Do I have to go back to class?


Every Monday and Thursday the staff and children all gather in the BIG shed for assembly.

This is a special time with the children.

They sing, listen to Bible stories and pray.

It’s the best way to start each day – singing makes most people happy.

The children listen intently to stories from the Old and New Testament and are very enthusiastic to answer questions and receive a gold star.

Probably the most precious moments are those when the children pray and thank God for various things in their lives.

Here are some examples:-

Thank you God for

food, trees, rain, our teachers, mommy and daddy, gogo, the delicious food we eat at school, for blessing us, for everything and most important for loving us.


dsc_0117 dsc_0119





dsc_0122 dsc_0127





dsc_0132 dsc_0140

Mandela Day – Healthy Eating

On Monday 18th July, in celebration of Mandela’s birthday, the KZN Dietician from Future Life, Megan Lee, visited Makabongwe.

She gave a very interesting and important message to the children about eating foods that give you energy, strength and protection. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is vital to eat a healthy, nutritious meal avoiding chips and sweets so early in the day. On Friday 22nd July during Baker Baker the children created some delicious and healthy edible items using all the foods that give energy, strength and protection. The Ants on a Log used celery sticks, peanut butter and raisins. It’s an interesting combination of tastes. The fruit sticks were made of grapes, banana and naartjies and the savoury kebabs included cucumber, chicken viennas and cheese. HEALTHY FOOD is both delicious to eat and exciting to make!

20160718_102756 20160718_102929






20160718_105603 20160718_111810






IMG-20160722-WA0005 IMG-20160722-WA0003


Doctors in Training

We are privileged to host 4 students from UKZN Medical School who have to complete 16 hours community service as part of their degree.

Based on our themes of healthy living, healthy eating and my body, we invited the students to do mini presentations to the children.

The topics they spoke about were healthy food and unhealthy food, what to do when you cough and sneeze, washing your body with soap and brushing your teeth correctly and lastly the importance of enough sleep and exercise. The students used pictures and other props to ensure the children understood the message.

I think we will have extra clean and healthy children from now on who know how to look after their bodies, eat the correct foods, sleep long enough and exercise.

DID YOU KNOW : Always use a tissue or hanky when you cough or sneeze. If no tissue or hanky is available, use your arm not your hand when coughing or sneezing to avoid spreading germs.


Doctors in trainig

SA Guide Dogs

There’s never a dull moment in the lives of the children at Makabongwe.

One of our learning themes is our 5 senses.

On Thursday 17th March Di Turner of SA Guide Dog Association came to visit our school with Jenny and her beautiful guide dog, Gracie. Di also bought along Dougal, her faithful companion.

Di told the children what life without eyes is like and how clever guide dogs are.

She told us that blind people can read and even write on a special machine.

They have a clever way of knowing what denomination of currency they are using at a shop for both coins and notes.

Many of the children were frightened of the dogs but some brave ones stroked, patted or rubbed Gracie and Dougal’s tummies and some very brave children even kissed the dog’s heads.

We handed over R1396.50 raised by the children of Makabongwe.

SA Guide Dogs









SA Guide Dogs





Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?
Did you know?