Concert Time!



This was a first on our school calendar and a definite to repeat.

We decided to dedicate a concert to all our donors and sponsors and treat them to a tea and coffee served with deliciously tempting eats.

For the first time we had a stage assembled from rigid plastic pallets (donated by Permoseal (Pty) Ltd) plus a beautiful Christmas tree groaning under the weight of all the colourful decorations and lights. The walls of the BIG shed were adorned with artwork from the 6 classes and voila, the room was entirely reformed.

Close to 80 sponsors and donors shared the morning with us and what a memorable and special morning it was.

I would like to be bold and say with confidence that everything was PERFECT.

The children performed so well – their singing, dancing, poems, prayers and rhymes.

The selection of eats was remarkable with just enough left over to allow the staff some treats.

Hugs were encouraged and enjoyed by all our visitors who were literally ambushed by the children.


Makabongwe simply would not be were it not for the ongoing support, love and dedication of each and every sponsor.

Thank you for being our VIP friends and ensuring we continue to serve the community for another 24 years!

Watch this space – our VIP Celebration will definitely be featured on our 2020 calendar.



All the practicing, singing, rehearsing of lines, poems, rhymes paid off BIG dividends when the children wowed their parents and our visitors on Tuesday 26TH November at the Christmas concert.

Whenever I welcome the parents and visitors I always explain just how much time and effort is put into preparing for the concerts BUT we can never be sure of what the children will actually do on the day.

However, they NEVER let us down. For often than not, a spontaneous deviation from the program results in much laughter and pleasure to the audience.

Each class performed their items beautifully with confidence and enthusiasm – whether it was a dance, song, poem, rhyme or prayer.

The parents were extremely proud, the children enjoyed themselves and the teachers delighted that all their hard work had indeed paid off.

Well done Green, Blue and Red group children. The concert was lovely.



This is indeed a VERY important event on the Grade R calendar – the end of pre-school and the start of a whole new chapter in the lives of the Grade R learners.

Teachers, parents and learners wait for this day with much excitement and anticipation.

Thursday 28th November was no different.

This was the day when the children would show case their talents and let their families see just how hard they had worked during the year and how much they had learnt. The morning can only be described as a wonderful success.

It was very evident that the teachers, assistants and children were all enjoying themselves and by the enthusiastic response of the audience, so were they.

Now the challenge for me is that I am always busy playing the piano or CD and never get to take any photos.

Please enjoy some of the photos taken by friends and committee members which capture the essence of the day.


Grade 000 – Green group – we recited rhymes and poems
The Christmas story with Mary, Joseph and the angel Gabriel
The shepherds hurried to see the newborn baby
Mary cradles her precious baby.
Grade R Yellow Bee boys singing with gusto and all the actions
We danced to many cheers from parents and visitors.
Some future ballroom champs on the dance floor
1,2,3 dont step on my toes
A bevy of beauties indeed
In action



I think as adults, priorities change and we see life differently to children. This can be both a good and bad thing.

At Christmas time, children naturally focus on presents and what they are going to get.

For me, it’s more about family, friends and fellowship AND spreading the true essence and meaning of Christmas.

This is EXACTLY what Educate and Fascinate did when the Grade R Makabongwe learners visited Durban Girls College for their Christmas Party.

The story goes something like this…..

Sally who did not come from a wealthy family was upset that she was not going to have a fun Christmas with lots of presents and a nice holiday at the beach or in the mountains.

Captain Christmas paid a special visit to Sally and took her around the town on his sleigh showing her where and how she could spread the true meaning of Christmas in her neighbourhood.

Every gift she could give was FREE and somehow after giving away the gifts, Sally herself felt so much better.


What a wonderful world this would be if we all gave even just one of these gifts to our “neighbour”

The entertainment was followed by a party and playtime in the school grounds.

The Makabongwe children and College young girls exchanged gifts and everyone had a jolly good time.

Thank you Les, Jamie, Cath, Hlengiwe and Aynslie for a truly memorable morning spent with you – from the time we arrived on the bus to the time we had to go back to Makabongwe.

On route to Durban Girls college.
Captain Christmas and his super heroes.
Love, joy, peace, honesty, forgiveness, kindness, helpfulness and courage
Our animated story teller Leigh in action.
Funtime outdoors
Its great trying out new and different equipment.
Snack time – after all that playing the children had worked up quite an appetite.
Cup cake time – what a treat.
Each boy received a t-shirt from H&M donated by a very generous parent.
Each girl; received a beautiful colorful and cool summer dress donated by the same parent.


It’s always exciting when we receive visitors at school.

The visit from the Clifton College Interact boys with Renee Wilkens (MIC Interact) was no exception.

Their purpose was to interact socially with the children, do activities, play and just have fun.

It can be confidently said that all of the above was achieved.

The boys were ambushed with hugs – this has become a tradition.

We LOVE hugging at Makabongwe – both giving and receiving HUGS.

The Clifton young men got to be “boys” again as they played and engaged with the children

Our visitors arrived bearing many gifts and left empty handed.

Each child was given a lunch box and a packet of sweet treats for those at After Care.

Thank you for also for the empty bread packets which we use to make soccer balls.

Clifton ring and story time
Makabongwe learners taking the Clifton boys on tour.
Snack time – mmmh delicious jelly
Swinging is much more fun when someone is pushing you
The trampoline queue.
Ready, aim, shoot into the hoop.
They arrived laden with gifts.
Swing high – dont stop – keep pushing.
The interact team arrived loaded, received many hugs, left with empty hands but very full hearts.


Every day we count our blessings at Makabongwe and we are indeed blessed.

Thanks to Mr Ian Carter of Kos Kos (formally The Big 5 Quality Shop) each child went home with a bag of Christmas treats – chips, popcorn, juice and other delicious edibles to enjoy with their Families over the Festive Season.

The donation was even delivered right to our front gate – now that’s service excellence!


Thank You Ian and the staff of KOS KOS for spreading some genuine Christmas cheer and blessing our children and their families


Thank you Kos Kos from Grade 000 green group.
With much appreciation Grade 00 Blue Group
Thank you for blessing us Grade R Yellow Bees
The hampers look simply scrumptious – many thanks from Grade R Yellow Butterflies
Siyabonga kakhulu Grade 00 Red Group
And last but not least. Big thank you from Yellow Birds



 I’m not sure about you, but I am looking forward to a Christmas feast on the 25th December.

It’s the one day when I let my guard down completely and forget about counting calories or my sugar intake!

This is a day for family, friends and feasting!

Thanks to We Are Durban and Grindrod Bank our children and their families all went home with a generous bucket hamper filled to the brim of delicious edibles and treats.  We are so grateful for this donation as our children.

Our children are fed 2½ meals a day at Makabongwe during school terms.

I’m sure holiday time for many parents creates some anxiety in terms of providing 3 meals a day for their families.

Christmas 2019 will be a happy one with a nice meal on the table including some treats to make it a special day for everyone.

Food bucket blessings from We are Durban and Grindrod Bank
Guaranteeing full tummies during the Christmas Holidays.


 Peter Kelly is a volunteer who visits the school every Tuesday and Thursday morning to do computer skills with the Grade R learners.

The children are quite happy to “sacrifice” play time to do these fun classes.

How do I know this?

The Resource Centre is right next door to my office and I hear the enthusiasm in their voices as they come skipping into the room.

Then there is much affirmation and encouragement from Peter as the children play age appropriate computer games which is developing their hand / eye co-ordination and also familiarising them with the keyboard and mouse.

On Thursday 21st November, Peter made a special visit to the school to hand out the Computer Skills Certificates together with a little gift.

It was with much pride and enthusiasm that the children received their certificates and with even greater enthusiasm that they ate their chocolates!

THANK YOU Uncle Peter for your commitment to the school and especially your care and kindness to the children.

Uncle Peter and Grade R Yellow Butterflies with their computer skills certificates.
Very proud Grade R Yellow Bees.
Comparing certificates – did you get a Merit pass or a Distinction – silver or gold star?


Shoes have always been one of my weaknesses. Even today if I buy a new pair of shoes, I usually put my old ones in the box and walk out in the new ones!!

Thanks once again to Stanhope Boot and Shoe Manufacturers, every Makabongwe Grade R learner will be starting BIG school next year with a brand new pair of school shoes.

The smiles on the faces of the children is evidence enough of their appreciation and excitement.

Grade R yellow butterflies waiting in eager anticipation to see what teacher Mondli is taking out the big box.
A new pair of school shoes for each learner ready for big school.
Thank you Stanhope Boot and Shoe manufacturers from Grade R Yellow Bees
Not forgetting Grade R Yellow birds – Happy shoe days at Makabongwe.


Rain, rain go away, come again another day…..

But it didn’t

This was a day waited for with much excitement and anticipation.

Due to rain it was postponed from the week before and couldn’t be put off a second time.

HOWEVER, the weather didn’t “dampen” any spirits.

Who says singing in the rain and jumping in mud puddles like Peppa Pig isn’t fun?

Despite the wet day, the children from various Inner City pre-schools enjoyed a wonderful outing.

Children got to meet and make new friends and teachers got to network and share ideas.

The MC for the day did a sterling job of keeping spirits high and ensuring everyone enjoyed themselves.

The highlight of the morning had to be the arrival of the fire engines who did a mock display putting a fire out.

This was a good way to end  our wet but still wonderful day at HOY Park.

Thanks to ALL the organisers and volunteers who worked so hard to make it a happy day for our children.

Clearly the rain did not dampen their spirits.
The highlight of the morning – the fire engine display.
A lesson in patience – those who braved the rain go to see this impressive display.
We have a lot of children now wanting to be fire fighters when the grow up.
Thank you to all the organizers and demonstrators for a good morning out in the rain.

VIP CONCERT 22 November 2019

There was much excitement last Friday for our inaugural VIP concert.  This short concert was specifically to thank all our supporters and friends for their invaluable contributions this year.  Makabongwe is a happy, vibrant place with amazing facilities because of their generosity.

Each class performed some items on our new (donated) stage.  The 3 year olds were so cute as little flowers;  Red group treated us to some Zulu Dancing and Blue group recited a thank you poem written by their teacher to show the school’s appreciaton of our donors.  The three Grade R classes impressed with their readiness for big school; even showing off with some ball room dancing moves!

Everyone left feeling uplifted and blessed after the beautiful concert and delicious tea.

We can’t wait for next week’s parents concerts!

CITY STORY hosted a Teachers Conference, RISE UP, on Saturday 5th October from 08h00 to 16h00 at The Station Urban Events Space.

Rise Up carries the spirit of Uyisibusiso (isiZulu for “You’re a Blessing) which set the tone for the conference.

The aim was to give teachers a new perspective of their role as city influencers and that they can make a difference in the lives of children.

WELL what can I say?

The 10 Makabongwe delegates who attended, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Kathleen Hastie Trust, were INSPIRED, BLESSED, MOTIVATED, EMPOWERED and MORE.

Each delegate was mandated to share just 3 pearls of wisdom they learnt at the Conference.

This was one of the most animated staff meetings we have ever had as each delegate shared what they had learnt!

SATURDAY 14th MARCH has already been PENNED into the 2020 diary.

This time I hope to send ALL my staff.

The Makabongwe delegates
All smiles and a lot of fun had by all
A bevy of beauties and an eexplosion of color
Together with some of the guest speakers.
Making new friends
We are in this together – teaching the future generation