No matter how long I serve the community, I still get emotional.

When Father Christmas (alias Robert Lukan – my youngest son) came out of the BIG SHED striding towards the children, I nearly burst.

The expressions on the children’s faces and the chitter, chatter between them, the gasps, the ooohs and aaahs – it is all just too precious.

He played the role so well telling the children where he lives and why he dresses in warm clothes and also why he has such a fat tummy – cookies and milk!

He told the children how he got to the school  and that the reindeer were having a rest eating some carrots.

At one point, I was getting worried that the children were not saying BIG thank you’s but then I realised they were really in awe of Father Christmas.

To them he was the real deal and the comment from Lithitha in Grade R Yellow Birds when she said, “Hey Father Christmas, I’ve got your movie” finished me off completely.

In spite of such challenging times with minimal relief, there are still many folk out there with BIG hearts who really do care, who are kind, who are giving, who are generous and who want to continue making a difference in the lives of other people. These are the folk who fill the SANTA SHOE BOX gifts facilitated and co-ordinated by Melissa Lee.

We are so grateful for every heart who filled their shoe box and blessed our children making this such a special day INCLUDING the arrival of Father Christmas himself.

We took a photo of each child receiving their gift from Father Christmas and sent this to the parents. There were some really beautiful ones.

ENJOY the photos which captured some of the excitement of the day.

Prepared by : Theresa Lukan – Passionate Principal


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