ROAD AND TRAFFIC SAFETY MONDAY 25th October 2021 Presented by Inspector Jacques accompanied by Captain Nicky Freddy from Durban Metro Police Services

At Makabongwe we not only educate, feed and love the children in our care, but we also make every effort to equip them with practical skills that could literally save lives one day.

Inspector Fourie is one of the school’s favourite visitors not only when he brings his K9, Lexi, but also when he arrives with his set of real traffic lights and teaches the children all about road safety and when and when not to cross the street.

This can be confusing for small children and even more complicated with load shedding and out of order traffic lights.

Inspector Fourie teaches our children what to do in ALL situations.

Do you know what to do?


Look right, then left and then right again and WALK across the road.

Thank you Inspector Fourie for being such a loyal and long standing friend of the school.

I’m sure there are a number of Makabongwe learners who will no doubt become police men and women having been inspired by you.

Inspector Fourie also judged the colouring in competition from his previous visit when he spoke about STRANGER DANGER and taught our children the correct emergency number to call.

There were some lovely pictures and choosing the top 3 winners in each class proved quite challenging.

All the Grade R children wrote a test with the emergency number and received a certificate on completion.

WELL DONE to everyone for the beautiful pictures, for completing the test and for learning something very important.


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