STRANGER DANGER Presentation by the Metro Police TUESDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2021

We have established such a good relationship with the Metro Police and some of the staff, like Inspector Jacques Fourie, have become real friends to the children and staff.

On Tuesday Inspector Fourie accompanied by Captain Nicky Freddy and Constable Radebe visited Makabongwe.

Inspector Fourie came with K9 Lexi and Constable Radebe on his motorbike.

Inspector Fourie demonstrated the equipment police use and explained why and when they use the various items.

He taught the children the recommended emergency number 031-3610000.

The children learnt the difference between Captain, Inspector and Constable and why they wear different uniforms.

Some police work in an office, others work the streets with their dogs, others ride motor bikes making sure we are all safe and protected.

At the end of the presentation ALL the Makabongwe children wanted to be policemen or policewomen.

I loved these 2 quotes from a Grade R learner and a Grade 00 learner respectively:-

“These are very nice policemen Ms Terressa”

“The police are cool”

Inspector Fourie left the children with pictures to colour in and will return to present the winners of each class.

AND a test for the Grade R leaners to complete with the emergency number.

Each child is presented with a certificate on completion of this “test”.

I pray our children NEVER need the service of the police in an emergency situation but if they do, we are confident they will know who to call, who to stay away from and who to go to for help.

Thank you Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad for allowing the “team” to visit our school.

These are life lessons that could literally saves lives one day.


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