SPRING IS IN THE AIR Wednesday 1st September 2021

We love celebrations at Makabongwe so we could not let the 1st day of Spring go unnoticed or left uncelebrated.

Unlike in some other countries or even provinces, we don’t really see much evidence of season changes here in Durban.

We have 2 mannequins in our resource centre and dress them to represent the seasons and we teach and show the children pictures of what represents the 4 seasons.

Spring has got to be one of the best to celebrate – it represents new life and adds beautiful colours to our surroundings.

Although the flowers in our gardens were not quite ready for spring, we know that in a couple of weeks, the bushes will be full of flowers and there’ll will be increase of butterflies visiting the school.

Both the children and teachers added colour and flowers to their attire to welcome spring at Makabongwe.

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