Our children just know when something different or exciting is taking place at school and Friday 18th June was no exception.

They had been planning and practicing for the Dad and Grandad Celebration for a couple of weeks.

Each class prepared 2 or 3 items – either a song, dance, rhyme, poem or prayer ALL with focusing on Dads and Grandads

About 40 dads joined us for the celebration and by the looks on their faces, they were having a wonderful time watching the children perform and bless them with the prepared entertainment.

What would a celebration be without something delicious to eat?

We served the dads a very tasty beef curry and juice and blessed them with a tray of Bakers choice biscuits donated by The Robin Hood foundation.

Each child also made their dad a Father’s Day craft gift so I think it very safe to say our dads were honoured and made to feel special and loved.

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY to all the Makabongwe dads and grandads.

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