I’m probably the wrong person to write this article because I love the cooler weather but then my home is equipped for lower temperatures as is my wardrobe.

Our Makabongwe children have been blessed again with some items to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Thank you to the ladies from Knitting with Love who hand knitted 180 x beanies and some extras to bless the children of our staff.

Enjoy your new woollen beanie made by the

ladies from 

Knitting with Love


Another thank you to Andrew and Hilary McDonald from Canada for the soft, fluffy and super cosy blankets, one for each child.


Keep warm, cosy and safe

With much love

Andrew and Hilary McDonald



AND, another thank you to Paul, Kirsh, Kira and Ethan Jacobs from Cape Town for blessing every child with winter pyjamas.



Be blessed with your new winter pyjamas because “we care”

With much love

Paul, Kirsh, Kira and Ethan Jacobs

Cape Town




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