ANE, JO AND ENID VISIT MAKABONGWE – Thursday 25th March 2021

Ane – Marketing Manager of SA Guide Dog Association

Joanne – a friend who is virtually totally blind with an incurable hereditary disease

Enid – Jo’s beautiful golden Labrador guide dog

This is becoming an annual event on our school calendar and we are so happy to welcome Ane and friends.

Every 2 weeks we have a new THEME and one of those themes is our Senses where we explore and learn about sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

We learn that is costs the Association R300 000.00  to train and prepare a guide dog which takes place over a 2 year period.

A blind person pays only R5.00 for this faithful friend.

Enid has completed her guide dog school training and must have been top of her class because she listens first time to the commands from Jo – sit, stand and lie down. She also knows left and right.

We were delighted to make a donation to this very worthy cause of R2000.00

Thank you Makabongwe parents and committee for your generosity.

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