Last year we installed another wooden cabin to be used as our Resource Centre.

This was generously donated by Macsteel Trading.

Sadly it was not used for the intended purposes initially due to COVID BUT we certainly turned a challenging situation into something VERY positive.

The new cabin stored all our jumble and by the time we finished selling we raised over R80 000.00!

Before we re-opened this year on the 27th January, I got to work creating, designing and setting up the Resource Centre for its intended purpose.

Now we have a computer station where the Grade R learners come every Thursday for computer skills training.

The computers have been loaded with age appropriate educational games and the children learn hand/eye co-ordination and become familiar with the keyboard and mouse.

There is also our library / reading corner with 6 bean bags and a large RED one for teacher.

Every Monday the teacher assistants visit the library with 6 learners on a roster basis who then enjoy a story in a different environment.

Our 2 mannequins are dressed in season appropriate clothing which is changed with the seasons.

Their next change will be taking place soon into some AUTUMN attire.

We have a large doll’s house with lots of furniture where the children can create and display the various items and at the same time learn the names of the different rooms of a home and what usually goes where.

The education games corner is bright and colourful with cubes for the children to sit on or soft pillows.

Here there is a variety of activities to choose from : matching, sorting, puzzle construction, threading, memory games to name just a few.

There is also a desk where a child can sit and draw, colour in, stick and paste or create something of their own choice using different mediums – crayons, kokis, roll ups, etc

All the activities are teacher supervised. The room is nice and cool with 2 oscillating fans donated by Solent.

There is even a CD player.

Every Wednesday we are visited by students from UKZN Speech and Language Clinic.

Here are some photos of the students in action at the various stations in our new Resource Centre.

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