I usually describe my days at school as “glorious organised chaos “ OR “a happy, busy place filled with laughter and the chitter chatter of children”

Not anymore……all this has been put on hold.

We have been on lockdown since Wednesday 18th March.

BUT this does not mean that things are not happening behind the scenes.

Let me tell you about some of the activities taking place since lockdown.

  1. 155 parents were blessed with a food parcel which they collected from school – thanks to the incredibly generous donations from family and friends.
  2. At the end of April we sent Checkers voucher to those parents not receiving SASSA grants or any other form of assistance.
  3. Both gestures were received with MUCH appreciation.
  4. We intend to repeat the vouchers again on Friday 15th May and every 2 weeks thereafter until we re-open given we have the funds.
  5. Many creative and fun hours have been spent preparing worksheets for the Grade R learners to complete at home with strict instructions and a supply of all the stationery needed.
  6. Of the 90 Grade R learners at Makabongwe, 85 have collected their work – 3 children are out of the province and 2 are not answering their phones.
  7. Communicating with our parents is an ongoing challenge as many change sim cards, phones get lost or stolen or they simply cannot afford airtime.
  8. We were so encouraged at the response of the parents which proves their eagerness to educate their children who are now getting bored and require additional stimulation.
  9. Parents will be invited back to school to collect more work on MONDAY 15th JUNE – all of which is THEME related and relevant – including some FUN and creative arts and crafts.
  10. The school and grounds are eerily quiet…….

We miss the children and know they miss us and we long for the day when Makabongwe will ring with laughter and be filled with the chitter, chatter of both staff and learners alike.

In the  meantime, take care and stay safe.

Principal Theresa

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