Aunty Ane and Uncle Jan from SA Guide Dog Association came to visit us today.

Ane brought some special visitors with her:- Daisy, a retired guide dog, Uncle Jan, a guide dog trainer, Harry, 5 months old puppy guide dog being trained by Uncle Jan and Joanne, a blind lady and her guide dog Enid

It turns out I know Joanne well – her mom and my mom were very good friends – so we shrieked with delight when we saw each other and enjoyed a good hug.

Aunty Ane told the children what a guide dog does and how important they are to their owners.

Uncle Jan showed the children some of the instructions the dogs must learn. These dogs only need to be told ONCE to sit down, or stand up or wait. AMAZING

Guide dogs are very clever. They are the eyes of their owners.


It costs R300 000.00 to provide 1 trained dog for a blind person

It only costs a blind person R5.00 to get a guide dog.

A guide dog only works for about 10 human years.

Never give a dog human food – only dog food

Bones are very dangerous for ALL dogs.

Always ask a blind person permission to stroke their dog.

Guide dogs are a blind person’s BEST FRIEND

We were very proud to give R1 953.60 to the SA Guide Dog Association who were extremely grateful.

Thank you Makabongwe parents and committee for your generosity.

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