I feel like I could be repeating the article from last year…….

In spite of visiting the pools and checking with the life guards on duty and the supervisor, when we arrived at Laguna Beach Pools, we found them closed for maintenance.

And so the journey began south to Addington beach to the pools where we landed up last year!

As always, children don’t sweat the small stuff and it turned out to be a wonderful day all rounds.

There was something new and different…….

This year we brought the Grade 000 learners as well (3 year olds)

We had MANY teachers, assistants and volunteers and EVERYONE knew exactly what was expected of them.

It can be stated with confidence that the day was a resounding success enjoyed by staff, volunteers and most important our learners.

No doubt this was for some of our children their first visit to the beach, a swim in the pools and definitely their first time feeling sand between their toes and waves gently washing over their feet.

The delicious and fresh hot dogs that Melissa made hardly touched sides. Clearly the fresh air had increased appetites all round.  

Our bus driver, Mandla, who has become a Makabongwe VIP friend, drove us safely there and back and was very patient on route whilst we looked for alternative pools.

The journey there is always much noisier than the ride back to school. Many children dosed off on the shoulders of their friends.

I’m never sure who has more fun – the teachers or learners – but maybe we could vote A TIE!

Like I always say, Makabongwe is a happy, busy school and once again we were complimented on the good behaviour of the children, the obvious pleasure they were experiencing and the well-disciplined and attentive teachers who ensured their continued safety.

It is a BIG responsibility taking the children on this excursion but with the commitment of dedicated staff and well behaved children who can deny them such an exciting adventure?

Ms Dada and Ms Nothile and some brave Makabongwe Gr 000 learners going just a little deeper.
Ms Dada and Ms Pinky with some Gr 000 children just testing the water.
Splashes and fun in the sun.
Talk about rainbow colours – such beautiful costumes.

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