This is the Santa Shoe Box story…….

“Every year, people with kind hearts collect shoeboxes and fill them with special treats so that they can be shared as gifts.

Each child’s box has been filled by somebody that the child doesn’t know, but who cares about them and who takes great joy in giving this special gift to them.

Enjoy your Santa ShoeBox and please share the message of kindness, caring, giving and sharing with everyone around you!”

Today was extra special as Father Christmas and his fairy came to Makabongwe.

This is when I miss being a little person – the joy, delight and innocence of believing in Father Christmas (even though some of the older children expressed the opinion that Father Christmas was in fact my youngest son, Rob, which I obviously denied fervently with my fingers crossed behind my back)

The anticipation on their faces as they heard Santa’s bell ringing followed by sheer delight as he appeared in the doorway……no matter how many times I see this, it always bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Each child received a beautifully wrapped gift filled to the brim with clothes, sweets, stationery, toiletries, toys and a hand written card wishing them a blessed Christmas. The hard part was putting the box straight into their lockets or school bags only to be opened at home. We’ve learnt that lesson – things go missing, get lost or even broken BEFORE the gift reaches home.

Thank you to Melissa and SANTA SHOEBOX for this incredible morning and all the gift givers whom we will never know or meet!

May the Christ of Christmas enter your heart and home today and remain with you throughout the coming year.

With much love and appreciation

The Children of Makabongwe Methodist Pre-School

Ms “Terressa” welcoming Father Christmas and his lovely fairly
Eager anticipation
Hugs and thank you’s for Father Christmas
Green group – Grade 000 with their shoe boxes – almost the same size as the children
Blue Group – Grade 00 very happy with their presents.
Red group – Grade 00 – delighted with the Christmas shoe boxes.
All smiles from ear to ear.
Grade R Yellow Butterflies – how blessed are we?
Wow – this one’s mine
Grade R – Yellow Bees, buzzing with excitement.
Grade R Yellow Birds with Father Christmas and the Christmas fairy.
Reading the SANTA Shoe Box story BEFORE present receiving time

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