The children all went home on Friday 29th November after an action packed NOVEMBER month.

There were Christmas Parties, multiple Concerts, the Grade R Graduation and many other events on the calendar.

As the last child left on Friday afternoon, we all breathed a sigh of relief BUT the work was only beginning.

Operation Clean Up started on Monday 2nd December.

This is the BIG clean up of the year where everything is stripped, scrubbed clean and put back in its place ready for the new year.

The ENTIRE school is scrubbed from top to toe and left smelling and looking good and clean and fresh AND inviting for the new children arriving in 2020.

After 2 days of intense cleaning, we officially ended the year with our Christmas Staff Party.

Thanks to a generous donation from our Executive Committee BRIDGE ladies, we took the WHOLE team to Suncoast Casino for a movie (Charlie’s Angels 2) and a lunch at Fishaways, The lunch was sponsored by FISHAWAYS.

It was indeed a very happy celebration, the movie was fun to watch – no swearing and a good ending where good rules over bad. For some of the team, this was the first movie they had watched in a cinema!

The fish and rice meal was superb. Just about everyone commented that they had not tasted such delicious fish for a long time.

We certainly drew some attention whilst enjoying our lunch and sharing our secret Santa gifts with each other.

The Suncoast patrons were watching us with much interest and all had BIG smiles on their faces.

We are a happy team and enjoyed a happy ending to a good year. – HARD WORK, HARD PLAY


A generous shopper at Shoprite Umgeni donated a packet of nik naks to every child.
Happy days at Makabongwe
Tucking in and enjoying the nik naks
Bongi receiving a bread donation from Child Line
The makabongwe elves busy making soccer balls – all from empty bread packets.
Hows that for production.

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