What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

I spent it with my sister, her husband and my husband at Kings Park watching England beat South Africa in the 20/20 cricket by just a few runs.

My heart was racing and pounding but not for my husband……

I think we’ve got the right idea at Makabongwe.

It’s a day where all the learners and teachers dress in either red, pink or white.

The staff model their outfits for the children to shouts of encouragement and enthusiasm.

This is followed by a delicious lunch on the lawn outside with pudding and juice.

It’s simple but works – everyone together laughing, enjoying each other’s company and just having FUN.

This year was NO exception. In fact, even more children made the effort to dress in the required colours – RED, PINK or WHITE.

The school was literally splashed in these colours. Everyone looked stunning.

We had 4 exchange students join us from Argentina who had a wonderful time with the children.

They even wore the required colours.

Beautiful face and hair accessory
A smile to melt any heart
Adding more colour – who can resit such a look
A wave of red, pink and white.
Ms Bongi and Ms Mdabe doing their dance moves.
These Makabongwe ladies have got energy.
Ms Ndlovu and mrs Jamali: Grade R teachers cheered on by the children

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