Peter Kelly is a volunteer who visits the school every Tuesday and Thursday morning to do computer skills with the Grade R learners.

The children are quite happy to “sacrifice” play time to do these fun classes.

How do I know this?

The Resource Centre is right next door to my office and I hear the enthusiasm in their voices as they come skipping into the room.

Then there is much affirmation and encouragement from Peter as the children play age appropriate computer games which is developing their hand / eye co-ordination and also familiarising them with the keyboard and mouse.

On Thursday 21st November, Peter made a special visit to the school to hand out the Computer Skills Certificates together with a little gift.

It was with much pride and enthusiasm that the children received their certificates and with even greater enthusiasm that they ate their chocolates!

THANK YOU Uncle Peter for your commitment to the school and especially your care and kindness to the children.

Uncle Peter and Grade R Yellow Butterflies with their computer skills certificates.
Very proud Grade R Yellow Bees.
Comparing certificates – did you get a Merit pass or a Distinction – silver or gold star?

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