It’s always exciting when we receive visitors at school.

The visit from the Clifton College Interact boys with Renee Wilkens (MIC Interact) was no exception.

Their purpose was to interact socially with the children, do activities, play and just have fun.

It can be confidently said that all of the above was achieved.

The boys were ambushed with hugs – this has become a tradition.

We LOVE hugging at Makabongwe – both giving and receiving HUGS.

The Clifton young men got to be “boys” again as they played and engaged with the children

Our visitors arrived bearing many gifts and left empty handed.

Each child was given a lunch box and a packet of sweet treats for those at After Care.

Thank you for also for the empty bread packets which we use to make soccer balls.

Clifton ring and story time
Makabongwe learners taking the Clifton boys on tour.
Snack time – mmmh delicious jelly
Swinging is much more fun when someone is pushing you
The trampoline queue.
Ready, aim, shoot into the hoop.
They arrived laden with gifts.
Swing high – dont stop – keep pushing.
The interact team arrived loaded, received many hugs, left with empty hands but very full hearts.

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