The staff of Makabongwe have been VERY busy lately attending workshops and Conferences per invitation of various generous sponsors.

All 3 workshops and Conferences were very successful and the staff came away fascinated and motivated.

Personally I LOVE this kind of thing as I LOVE to learn new things and am never disappointed.

On FRIDAY 16th AUGUST the teacher assistants attended a workshop using re-cycled material at DURBAN GIRLS COLLEGE.

We had a HUGE amount of fun and were all sorry when the morning came to an end.

We were creating and platting and rolling and designing and ALL of this using minimal tools : a black marker pen, a pair of sharp scissors and RE-CYCLED material.

PLAY is the foundation for all learning in young children.

Teaching a child is a little bit like building a house.

In the pre-school years, the parents and educators build the foundations.

The Primary School teachers build the walls of the house, and the High School teachers put on the roof.

You know what would happen if a good foundation has not been built.

Please visit the Singakwenza website for more ideas using re-cycled material.

The next week we hosted 12 Youth and Child Care students from DUT and “’paid forward’’ some of our newly acquired skills.

Skipping rope made from bread plastic packetys – can make soccer balls, tennis balls and many other play items plus we are recycling at the same time and educating our children.
These soccer balls are more popular than the bought ones and do not hurt or stub little toes
Pinky and Mbali – in the pink shirts – paying forward their newly acquired skills.
A lot of concentrating, creating and fun was had by all
Making ball catch holders out of 2 litre plastic bottles
Im sending one of these back to Portugal for my Grand son

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