Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th April 2019

Brenda Timmer is a Mom, Methodist Minister, Spiritual Director and Godly Play Storyteller and Trainer.

She is passionate about creating spaces for people of all ages to be with God and to grow in love with God.

Brenda currently serves in the Pinetown Methodist Society and as Co-ordinator for Lefelleng Centre for Spiritual Accompaniment.

Godly Play is a beautiful approach to the spiritual nurture of children.

It is grounded in the fundamental belief that children are already in relationship with God, what they lack is the language to express and interpret that experience.

Through storytelling, wondering and play we create space for children to make their own meaning, for the stories of faith to shape their language and their vision.

Thank you Brenda for giving of your time so generously and sharing the story of Jesus from His birth to His death to His resurrection.

The children are relaxed and as many outside distractions removed – hidden by the white cloths
Telling the story and inviting the children to respond
Engaging with the children in smaller groups
Different free choice activities to keep the children stimulated
The children’s enjoyment and understanding was clearly evident by their enthusiastic responses
This is the story of Jesus: from His birth to his death to His resurrection and the gift of promise of eternal life.

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