Wednesday 6th March started out very stressful.

This was the day we were taking our Grade 00 learners to Laguna Beach Pools – all 52 of them.

I was aware that the pools were being repaired but had been assured they would be filled and ready for action on Wednesday.

Something told me to drive past on route to school and guess what………they had about 10cm of water.

NOW WHAT? – there I was driving around DURBAN beachfront looking for another suitable venue to take 52 x 4 year old children who were all extremely excited about the excursion.

As the saying goes, “All’s well that ends well:

We landed up at South Beach Pools and although it was not quite the same as Laguna, we enjoyed a wonderful morning, swimming, splashing, kicking, paddling in the waves and building sand castles.

Of course food was involved and Melissa delivered freshly made hot dogs for our lunch.

I’ve never heard the children so quiet as they were on the bus back to school…..

THANK YOU to all our sponsors who made this excursion possible

Revel Williams for the BUS HIRE

MASTERBAKE for the hot dog rolls

BLUFF MEAT SUPPLY for the Vienna sausages

Next time, I’ll remember to apply sun tan lotion to my legs…..

Enjoy the few photos – on an excursion like this, there is not much time for photo taking.

It’s ALL eyes on the children in the water


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