Thursday 7th March

This was a much tamer excursion although we had to still keep watchful eyes on our 3 years olds who were fascinated with all the birds and wanted to stroke their beaks!

We headed off in 3 cars and arrived safely at Mitchell Park. Each educator / volunteer had only 3 children to manage.

The plan was to walk around the park showing the children ALL the birds, animals, flowers and anything else interesting we could see.

We pointed out shapes and colours and imitated the noises some of the animals made.

We saw many different kinds of birds and a tortoise that is over 100 years old!

A very interesting animal that the Makabongwe children had never seen before was an ILAMA and an EMU (looks like an ostrich)

After our mid morning snack, the children enjoyed some free playtime in the playground.

A treat is always the delicious fresh hot dogs Melissa makes and delivers to the excursion venue – Thursday was no exception.

Green Group was VERY quiet that afternoon and no children resisted a little nap!

THANK YOU to all our sponsors who made this excursion possible

Jessica Williams, Lella and Christie Kent for lifts

MASTERBAKE for the hot dog rolls

BLUFF MEAT SUPPLY for the Vienna sausages

Garth Kloppenburg from Botanic Gardens who sponsored the entrance fee

What can you see in the water? Ducks, swans and even some fish!
Some of the volunteers and educators pointing out things of interest
Heading to some shade for lunch
Those fingers look tasty
Waiting in the shade for the others to finish toilet time.

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