This is an inspiring community initiative that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalised gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.

The children of Makabongwe were chosen to receive SANTA SHOEBOXES in November 2018.

These arrived mid-October and were carefully checked and re-checked to ensure every child was included and no one left out.

The day for distribution arrived and there was great excitement as the children saw 10 very large cardboard boxes being deposited in the BIG shed. At 10h00 the children assembled and waited in anticipation for Father Christmas and his assistant to arrive.

And then it happened, we heard the bell ringing and a loud HO, HO, HO

Could that be? YES, indeed it was, a very jolly Father Christmas and his delightful fairy.

Clearly Father Christmas had already been enjoying the spoils of Christmas evident by his large belly full of mince pies and other delicious Christmas treats.

I read the CELEBRATION STORY  – Wanda’s Wonderful Christmas – to all the children as requested by the organisation. It is always an emotional reminder of what Christmas is and should be about. The message to the children is that every year, people with kind hearts collect shoeboxes and fill them with special treats so that they can be shared as gifts. The children were told that their box was filled by somebody that they don’t know but who cares about them and who took great joy in giving this special gift to them. The children were encouraged to share the message of kindness, caring, giving and sharing with everyone around them. That IS the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

There was many hugs, and thank you’s  as each child received their gift with Lisa Rae Douglas, the co-ordinator, making sure everything went smoothly.

Thank you to each donor, who we will never know or meet, for caring, giving and sharing the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

148 very blessed children went home with their shoebox gift knowing that they are loved.

Yellow Birds with their Santa Shoebox gifts. Beautiful wrapping with so much love.
Yellow Bees with their gifts – Lisa Rae Douglas on the right.
Yellow butterflies very happy with their gifts.
A hug FOR father Christmas and a hug FROM father Christmas.
What could be inside this box?
Beautiful manners – many thank you’s.
This one’s heavy – can you manage?

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