Every day is a happy day at Makabongwe but THURSDAY 14th FEBRUARY was extra HAPPY.

It looked as though someone had spilt white, pink and red paint on the school and all over the children.

We started our day with a special assembly reminding the children that the best love story every told was that JESUS LOVES THEM extravagantly.

Then at 10h15 – working around load shedding – we all came back into the BIG SHED for a little fun.

ALL the Makabongwe staff very sportingly dressed up and modelled their Valentine outfits escorted onto the “stage” by Teacher Mondli or Uncle Peter – who I might add looked very handsome themselves.

We cheered and laughed and loved.

Then we all went outside to sit under our lovely shade cover to enjoy a delicious piece of vanilla cake spread with….yes you’ve guessed it… icing and sparkles.


Enjoy the white, pink and red Valentine outfits proudly presented by the staff and children of Makabongwe Methodist Pre-School

Yellow Butterflies Grade R
Red Group Grade 00
Blue Group Grade 00
Green Group Grade 000
Yellow Birds Grade R
Yellow Bees Grade R
Under the shade port waiting for cake.
Uncle Peter escorting Ms Dada to the stage
Beautiful ladies in red, pink and white.
The audience
More beautiful ladies in white,pink and red

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