There is something very special about bringing children and the elderly together.

I think it’s because neither have inhibitions and love to laugh and be hugged.

Thanks again to South Coast Bus Hire, the Grade 000 and Grade 00 classes of Makabongwe – about 68 children – went to share some Christmas joy with the residents of John Dunn Retirement Home on Wednesday 21st November 2018

This was our 3rd visit and we were given a very friendly welcome.

The children performed various items for residents; songs, poems, rhymes and even dancing.

Thanks to Rob and Christie for their help and to all the teachers who worked so hard practicing the various items with the children to ensure our time together was so special.

The bus ride there and back with Mandla at the wheel is an adventure in its self for the children. The residents enjoyed the delicious lemon sponge cake we gave them and clearly enjoyed the items of entertainment on our programme.

We’ve been invited back again in 2019 and I think it’s a date we need to PEN in on our school calendar.

It’s true that when you bless others, the blessings return multiplied

Enjoy the pictures of the children in action

The Greenies Grade 000 singing and dancing
A poem about fire and keeping sae
Going fishing
Little peter Rabbit with a flyon his hand, no his eye, no his ear, no his head, no his nose…shoo fly!
Grade 00 Blue Group start their programme with a prayer.
Five little ducks went out one day, over the hill and far away…
Grade 00 – Red Group telling a poem about different kinds of transport.
Rain rain go away, come again another day.
Our resident chef baking a cake.
And the police woman saved the day. The robber was caught.
Performing Daniel in the Lions Den.

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