Everyone knows that in DURBAN you should not go outdoors in summer for extended periods without sun protection, sunglasses and especially a HAT.

We are blessed at Makabongwe with an amazing playground but there is minimal shade.

That was remedied a couple of years ago when we installed a large shade port cover BUT the playground equipment remains in full sun.

The only other place of reprieve from the sun is our sandpit.

Thanks to Botanic Gardens we planted 2 trees last year but these will take a good few years before they are able to provide shade for our learners.

A couple of weeks ago one of our learners arrived at school with the most delightful brimmed hat.

That’s where this story began. The mom introduced us to the gent who made the hat, we negotiated a price and delivery period and then considered the bill!

1 message to a past colleague and friend of mine and the hats were sponsored in full.

THANK YOU PAUL and KIRSH JACOBS for your incredibly generous and speedy donation.

Paul is a Director of Permoseal (Pty) Ltd, manufacturers of Alcolin, Bostik and other adhesives (where I worked for 14 years before coming to Makabongwe)

I had barely finished making my appeal and a deposit was made into our bank account.

Stanley sewed and sewed and sewed in spite of load shedding and within 1 week he had delivered 177 beautiful blue, lined, brimmed hats.

Little did I realise what a hit these hats would be since giving them to the children – all individualised with their names.

The children wear them at breakfast time, in the playground, in class when doing art, craft and busy workbook exercises, during story time and possibly even to sleep in.

I’m surprising our teachers each with a hat next week providing some shelter and comfort when on playground duty.

Our Makabongwe children wear their hats with great pride, they look smart, they feel comfortable and most important they are protected from DURBAN harsh sun rays.

Yellow birds sporting their navy blue sun hats.
Yellow Bees enjoying a sunny day at school.
Red group waiting for lunch – better keep our hats on
Hats, hats and more hats. Blue group showing off their blue hats
Green group keeping our hats on in case Mr Sun comes out again.
Yellow butterflies – even in the shade, its good to keep your hat on.
Yellow butterflies with our hate maker, Stanley Jeke

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