When the young men in green arrive from GLENWOOD BOYS HIGH SCHOOL, there are always cheers of delight and excitement.

The GLENWOOD visitors are special friends to the children of Makabongwe. For the past 3 years they have hosted us for a Sports Day at their school and every November treat the children to a lucky packet Christmas gift and hot dog lunch.

Of course, the event would not be the same without the arrival of Father Christmas who really struggled in the hot, humid Durban weather being used to the cooler weather of the North Pole!

For me, this is what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is all about – a sacrifice of time, sharing of attention, hugs and giving a gift to another less fortunate person.

Thank you GLENWOOD for bringing Christmas into our school: for sharing your morning, your attention, your energy and gifts with the children.

Thank you Ms Foster for initiating and organising this visit and to everyone who makes this a SPECIAL event for the Makabongwe learners – that includes the GLENWOOD bus drivers who drop and fetch “the young men in green”

The photos tell the story better than my words……

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