Mr Peter Kelly, or “Uncle Peter” as he is affectionately called by the children visits Makabongwe every Tuesday and does ball skills with the Grade 000 and Grade 00 learners.

Thursday mornings are dedicated to the Grade R learners where they all get a turn, as per the roster, to use the computers in our Resource Centre.

We have 2 donated computers each loaded identically with the same age appropriate educational games.

I love listening to Uncle Peter as he encourages the children…..”Catch the fish” “Count how many fish you have” “Well done” “This is the keyboard, this is the mouse, this is the tower”

Even though the children are taken out of the playground, this does not seem to worry them – going to Uncle Peter for computers is FUN.

At the end of last year, Uncle Peter presented each child with a certificate – either with a MERIT or DISTINCTION pass as well as a marshmallow sucker.

It was a day of celebration and great pride.

It’s enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers like Uncle Peter who make a real difference in the lives of the children at Makabongwe.

Thank you for your passion and commitment.

We appreciate you.

Grade R Yellow Birds proudly displaying their certificates.
Yellow Bees equally proud of their computer achievements
Yellow Butterflies not to be done out of their accomplishments

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