Father Christmas took on a different identity on WEDNESDAY 28th November 2018.

Chantal Harvey, the Underwriting Manager for One Sure, arrived with her daughter, Jade and proceeded to unpack her boot, and unpack her boot and unpack her boot!

Out came the most beautiful gift bags filled with goodies – sweets, a toy, chips and a very much appreciated item of underwear.

The children were not only delighted to receive the gifts but also delighted to see Chantal who has become a familiar and welcome face at the school.

Chantal is ambushed with hugs on arrival and the children follow her around liked the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Little people definitely sense someone who really cares and loves them.

Thank you ONE SURE staff and thank you Chantal for making the handover and afternoon such fun.

The photos tell the story without words – lots of colour, happy faces and Christmas cheer at Makabongwe

It was INDEED a very MERRY and HAPPY day at school.

THANK YOU one Sure with much love Grade R Yellow Birds
They’re not inside…they’re on top!
Happy Christmas from the Happy Yellow Bees!
Now you see us, now you dont!
Peek a boo from behind the beautiful gift bags are Grade 00 Red Group Children
Funny faces in the playground!
Yellow Butterflies before taking flight! Thank you One sure for remembering us.
Up and away they go…Yellow Butterflies preparing to take flight

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