On September 19, 2018, our Grade R pupils were privileged to go to HOY Park for an excursion.

That sports and play day was fantastic mainly because our children had a chance to mingle with children from other pre-schools within the Ethekweni Municipality.

There were 15 pre-schools altogether, the Ahmed Al-Kadi hospital staff who provided First Aid services to all children who were present, DUT paramedic students and many other people from different organisations who assisted on that day.

The children really had a wonderful time. They enjoyed the activities, which they participated in like aerobics, dancing, the lesson and demonstration by the fire fighters as well as Inspector Fourie’s safety lesson.

A social occasion like this one is surely to be remembered. Many thanks to all the sponsors and organisers for such a marvellous day and special thanks to Jessica and the Makabongwe staff for working together in making this day a success.

PREPARED BY : Mrs Rachael Jamali Grade R Yellow Bees

Makabongwe Grade R learners looking very smart in their red and black excursion kit.
Why are the children sitting so still? Aah yes I see – they are eating!
Inspector Fourie coming to inspect.
The children were delighted to see their friend Captain Foster from the “horse” police.
A brave boy being lifted up to reach and pat the police horse
Foam foam everywhere – great fun
Metro Police united making our city a safer place.
Where does our litter go? Always in the litter bin.
Checking out the fire engine!

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  1. Wow, that surely was a fun day! Thanks to the Principal, staff and generous contributions and support from everyone!



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