Sithemble Mtshali, Sibahle Nyamwo and Zethu Nyembe, 4th year UNISA Social Work students have spent the last 6 months at Makabongwe coming to school for up to 5 days every week in between their workshops and compulsory training courses they had to attend. This is a compulsory requirement for them to achieve their degrees.

These 3 young ladies have identified specific needs of the children, worked them individually or in groups, conducted meetings with parents and presented workshops to the teachers.

They have also fitted into the routine and lifestyle of the school helping out wherever an extra pair of hands – or should I say – an extra 3 pairs of hands was needed by helping in the classrooms, the kitchen, doing admin and even accompanied the learners on school excursions. In July they took the Grade R learners to John Dunn Retirement Home where the children delighted the residents with a concert performing poems, rhymes, songs and dances. They also shared tea and cake and presented each resident with a little gift of edibles and toiletries.

We don’t like to say Goodbye at Makabongwe. We prefer “Until we meet again…..”

On Friday 31st August we had a “until we meet again” celebration with the students.

The children made cards which were presented to the students, the students gave each Makabongwe staff member a little gift and treated the children to a piece of delicious, super fresh lemon sponge cake with grated chocolate on top.

We wish these 3 young ladies, Sithembile, Sibahle and Zethu, well in their chosen field of profession and welcome them to visit Makabongwe anytime they are passing or want some hugs.

Grade R Yellow Butterflies performing their rhyme made up and taught to them by Ms Zethu – Social Work Student
Sithembile gave cake to the Grade R Yellow Bees and Birds. These are 2 classes she engaged with during the 6 months..
Sibahle gave to Grade 00 Blue and Red classes
Zethu gave to the Grade R Yellow Butterflies and Gr 000 classes.
Thanking the students and presenting them with cards and pictures.
Ms Ndlovu Yellow butterflies reading the comments from her class.

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